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  1. thanks very much for your help, these are very nice. anyone else for the quicktime icon?
  2. hey guys, i was wondering if you could help me to find this quicktime image below, i have a feeling it was released on here but i have searched for it with no results. oh and whilst i am at if anyone has the iTunes CD icon either? (see image below) If you could host them as .png's they would be great!
  3. i think so, i have posted about 3 :S
  4. MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK! Wall: made by myself Icons: Misc (Family and futurama made by myself) Theme: Flyaktieosx V2 Chat Program: Miranda skinned to resemble AdiumX dirty
  5. this would be nice if someone could develop this, yes the adiumX is gorgeous but this would take things one step further.
  6. Wall: not sure, i think it might be from pixelgirlpresents Icons: Misc Theme: Flyaktieosx V2 Chat Program: Miranda skinned to resemble AdiumX
  7. where are most your icons from please?
  8. My first Preview! Yay Icons: Misc (made some myself such as the family guy and futurama one) Wall: Aqua Blue Credit to Macthemes.net for the preview, would have made a different one if i had a different background at present.
  9. thanks nightcrawler, exactly what i was looking for
  10. yeah, i would like to know how frames are made, the tuts for some of them look very hard, is there a simple way?
  11. osiris, where are most of your icons from please?
  12. clean|dirty wallpaper: stairway by french studios. net Icons: Misc Dock: object dock Programs: Miranda skinned to look like adiumX
  13. haha, should have guessed really cheers.
  14. @Pe8er which plugin is it you are using for your miranda program and where can i find it please
  15. my new, spacey background: clean | dirty theme: flyakite background: not sure, think it is from da progs: miranda skinned to look like AdiumX icons: various let me know if you like it
  16. nice wallpaper and desktop millenium!
  17. i did look on osx-e nightcrawler but didn't say i could see it in there. that is the bad boy, thanks guys
  18. hi guys, i am trying to find a .png for an icon, i am not sure what the corect name is for the program but it is a black and yellow triangle shaded black and yellow in 6 segmants, been trying to search for a screenshot everywhere, i know i have seen one. Anyway if you can point me in the right direction please.
  19. clean normal happy new year guys! have a good one
  20. thanks, if i get the time i might make a bigger version/more, any women you would like? as for the resolution i initial made it to fit my computer but thought i might as well release it for you guys too
  21. mine, the last for '05, and just re inatelled flyakite http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/7729/desktop1uv.png
  22. first release of wallpapers, was bored and got creative, anyway, here are the four wallpapers, let me know what you all think. thanks guys
  23. becks or corona, would lean towards becks more though, gorgeous stuff, do have a taste for the old carlsberg or budwiser though.
  24. i don't bother with object bar anymore since it messed my computer out, would love to help you out, nice desktop though.
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