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  1. hey, i made it myself, i am at college right now so i don't have access to it, however i can email it you later, keep an eye on your PM's this eve.
  2. hey guys and gals, just made this while trying a new tut and i think the results are nice, so let me now what you think and if you want alternative resolutions etc Thanks
  3. love the desktop, especially the win amp skin, could i have a link to the wallpaper too please?
  4. Windows Vista, via WB5, Miranda Wallpaper from pixelgirlpresents Preview by me. :slant:
  5. http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/3865/100sg.png mine
  6. oh no sorry, i completly worded my question incorrectly, i meant: What do the initial's "AV" stand for? It is in the title of the thread "iPod AV".
  7. oh my, looks real enough to me Edit: what is the AV to stand for please?
  8. here are some nice wallpapers i thought i would share, sorry i don't have a DA account otherwise i would use a .zip/rar file instead image shack will do Enjoy: feedback is welcomed
  9. 4 walls from myself with Jessica Alba as the star. Edit: Updated! i think i borrowed the frame from somewhere,
  10. ah sorry, must have skimmed through and missed it, thanks
  11. why is it so atrocious? what is the difference between an on-screen wheel of an MP3 player than that of a TOM etc.
  12. can i have a link to the wall to please shade-45?
  13. hey, any suggestions as to where i can find any please?
  14. http://img481.imageshack.us/img481/628/127mw.png mine
  15. why is it not possible to have wi fi in it? the PSP does if i am not mistaken.
  16. if it had airport intergrated into it that would be fantastic!
  17. indeed they have, very nice stuff, i think it is highly possible that it will be like this for the 6g and a small nano style one too.
  18. nice design, that would be great, in my opinion but i am an apple avid fan.
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