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  1. Bought the 32GB iPod touch, love it.
  2. Well my top is probably Lost, but I do love CSI/NY, Smallville and Prison Break.
  3. Already have a 5th gen 30gig and an old usb stick stylé shuffle
  4. Do you mean similar to the adium status dock icons? Would love for one of these myself but I don't think it's possible with the variety of docks.
  5. Tempted to go and get a 16gb iPod touch to replace my 32gb 5th gen. Half the size is quite a leap but my theory is, how long do you have to be away from your computer to want to have anything over 20gb? If you are away for a long time that's where a laptop comes in handy. Anyway, my question is this. Is there rumours of a 7gen soon? Don't want to spend £269 to find there is a new one in a months time. My 5th gen can make it a few more months.
  6. Thanks so much dude. Looks forward to some more of your awesome releases.
  7. Great shot as always Psychopulse, mind sharing me the chat icon [the one without the camera] if it is possible? Thanks.
  8. It is rk launcher and it is a dock made by Gracias_2008 and can be found here: http://www.galaxygui.com/docks-f7/dockblac...uncher-t769.htm. The icons have been reflected in photoshop.
  9. Big shout to the guys at galaxygui.com. Just found a nice CD art that goes with iTunes for vista: Any questions, just ask
  10. timbob

    DJ mix

    I recognize it too, almost positive I have or have had the tune in the past, will have a flick through my library later.
  11. timbob

    DJ mix

    Who is the mix by and year etc?
  12. http://facebookoxy.com/ Not tested it myself though.
  13. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...00&pagenumber=1 See if that helps you for now.
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