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  1. This is a fantastic dock great work, we really appreciate all your work into this. a few suggestions not sure if mentioned but the only thing that bothers me is dragging icons around in the dock. Its too Rough and rigid. The OSX dock and other docks such as Rocketdock have it so when you drag an icon to change its position, the other icons Slide out of its away, and when you release the icon you are moving slides into position if not exactly on spot. Other than that this thing has some amazing features
  2. Cool. Thanks a lot for this. I started messing around development of a dock in C#. I managed to get this to compile under VS 2008. It wasn't difficult. In the projects settings just be sure to include gdiplus.lib, and to change the project settings Character set to Multi-Byte as the quickest fix, otherwise you may need to supply a "L" at the beginning of each string through out the code if you'd rather keep it unicode. Oh and also to be sure to include the stdafx.h header file before any others. Otherwise thanks a lot for sharing. Hardest part for me is to code the damn Parabolic zoom!
  3. Oh man. Iv started to rewrite most of this in C# and change the ini handling (as its a mess originally) But WOW does this have MASSIVE GDI+ Memory Leaks.. heh
  4. Sweet docklet. I'm currently using the latest Rocket Dock and i am not sure if this was already posted. But when rocket dock is on a secondary monitor, and you use the grid formation, the grid opens up on the primary monitor, and not directly above the dock. However Fan works perfectly. Great job
  5. Wow Ave, this is incredible! As always you do some impressive work! -Bolero
  6. i Absolutly adore XGL. Great effects, Smooth as hell. We need more developers on this thing to get out some snappy stuff. Already alot of work is being done for some cool VIsta effects such as Blur effects like Vista.. Reflection maps, Mac os X docks or.. just dock bars with nice effects, ohman the list goes on!!! *installs latest CVS lf Compiz* Also to Jhorner saying its hard to get XGl/Compiz tow ork, i dunno what your trying to do with your Distro, but on mine, as long as Xorg is configured i can just type a few commands, it downloads, installs and its done. -Bolero
  7. @wizard, heh yeah guilt as charged =P. Oh yeah Taha, that guy hasnt appeared? you know who else... Goku, i havnt even seen him online in msn for maybe 2 or 3 years.. i dunno what happened to that guy, i used to chat with him alot, then, he dissapeared.
  8. Ah yes seph! actually, whos left of the older timer members from aqua soft? Wow i havnt visted here in a while, i think ill poke around for a bit to catch up -Bolero
  9. oh duckie, funny thing is i was thinking about you a couple days ago visiting here (since i havnt in aggeess) and then funny enough, you posted this not long ago. btw, dont you have a myspace;) *shudders at the thought of myspace* -Bo|ero
  10. i hope someone decides to program a mac os X dock now, since its possible now under XGL. Oooo even the genie effect to minimize to it.. wow, someone could make the best dock clone out there. Live previewsi n the dock, smooth animations, ahh droool. heh -Bolero
  11. ^ Please note that the webaddress http://home.cogeco.ca/~raduking No longer exsists. The main site is moved to http://home.cogeco.ca/~rklauncher. Dont expect the other one to come back.. it just moved to a new name. Good to hear the zips work now. -Bolero
  12. hmm okay, i reuploaded them and it seems to work, for me atleast. If its still corrupt for anybody else please let me know. Also, anything related to problems like this, wether it be the website, the files, the hosting, website is down ect, please contact me first, ill be able to fix the problem faster as i am the host. Email me at bolero_dan AT hotmail.com for problems regarding to the website of rklauncher -Bolero
  13. hmmm guys, when somthing like this happens bring it to my attention or radukings, i wasnt aware of this until i just by chance browsed this thread. It seems the archives got corrupted on upload, i will try to upload a better pair. -Bolero
  14. ATTENTION: my webserver has given life again! Main Hosting for RKlauncher is BACK online.. you can access it from the following address! http://home.cogeco.ca/~rklauncher/ sorry for all that guys! @raduking, if you get this, talk to me and i will give you your login information. -Bolero
  15. hey raduking im happy you got the mirror up! im sorry but since server access is completly gone until this mix up is sorted, i have no control over anything server related or redirctions. -Bolero
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