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  1. Personally I won't think you need the MBP just for Photoshop, as long as you get high end and beefed up with RAM.
  2. I had a netgear router and anytime I did anything network intensive it crashed. So, I was using my mac mini for a couple of days and just got a fon router being sent to me in the mail. There are a couple bad WPN824's (my router) but from what I understand most are good.
  3. As far as Apple are psycho about buttons, I think they're fine with keyboards. Where are the expose keys going to be, volume replaces it. And, some more earlier on with the f-keys too.
  4. It's actually for mac consultants, but was leaked. This spells bad news for DivX, because it is everywhere now. Digg, Gizmodo, TUAW, word of mouth, everywhere.
  5. That's because the qwerty layout was designed for two reasons: So it didn't jam (common letters weren't together), and typewriter salesmen could type typewritter without it jamming, so they kept it on a single row (and letters far apart). Also, qwerty does make for an easy password.
  6. Hmm, I wonder what happened to his old one? Nonetheless, I really like that keyboard, it's really slick. And, the printer is sweet too.
  7. I would make a long post, but just read here: http://macapper.com/2007/04/26/high-end-ma...nd-macbook-pro/ It's a good overview, and it doesn't tell you what to get, but gives you suggestions on what you wil be doing.
  8. Yeah, I know the Wii is a joke, but I care less about graphics then I do for a system to have fun with my friends with. I also have an Xbox 360, so I don't miss out on graphics either.
  9. Icons: Various (Jonas, and others) (Red robot is for Automator) Wallpaper: Naevus by Jonas Theme: Cats + Smooth UNO Featuring Pinky Von Pout!
  10. Ha, that's a good idea. Buuuut, my desk doesn't have back legs, that's why it was so cheap. Haha, who knew they might come in handy.
  11. Hmm, I don't know what to do with them. I got some zipties, and used the power surge's cable system, but they still show behind my desk. There's nothing to cover or hide it, but I may stuff them under my rug. maybe I can hang them under my desk, but the wires will still be hanging. Anyway, yeah, I ordered my iPod like that.
  12. Theme: UMASO Icons: Aqua Blend, Reflections, Cats Wallpaper: Carbonite Inspirat - by Venom339 Visible Apps: Adium, Safari, Twitterific, Finder Running complete backups, after a long time of just hoping nothing would break.
  13. My new room. I got new sunglasses (O Rokr's), new wooden desk, and organized my wires (with zipties and my power surge's cable management system). I love the wooden desk over my old glass desk because I can use a wireless mouse (eg mighty mouse), when I get one. I also plan to put a monitor somewhere in there at one point, so it'll be really cool eventually.
  14. hah, woah. I'm learning so much about myself. Does anyone else sleep on their face, but with their head to the side?
  15. with the mbp? The camera from that, from my experiences, takes much higher shots and at larger sizes. Still, I'm not going to say you are lying until you say that you are. That also doesn't look like a cinema display, it's not wide enough (the icons are normal sized, but the monitor as a whole is a fullscreen resolution.
  16. Hmm, now that you remind me, I do some of those. I fix the microwave, put my harddrive right on my desk, start with my right foot, and stuff like that. I also have to get everything I can off my computer's desktop, I want it clear (so much that I hide the stuff on it completely with a haxie)
  17. I destroyed mine with Flaykite 2. I didn't know what drivers were, so every time I installed XP again it didn't work right and I just gave up and bought a mac mini. I could fix it now though, I still have that old dell.
  18. http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/17091
  19. Well, nice icons, but they look the same as styrizo's reflections. I have wanted more though, cause some are missing for me, but these are nearly identical
  20. I'm pretty sure that the Transmit version of Susumu's truck is NFR.
  21. But, aren't aqua and graphite generally gradients?
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