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  1. i haven't seen a big jump in speed but the site looks cleaner and works much more smoothly then it did
  2. thanks for the comments yeah i will change the color of the band, but it won't be red just cause if the band is red and the paper is red and the badges are red is kind of a red overload This is just a folder replacement set, although i may throw in icons for a couple of apps like acquisition, and transmission
  3. This is a mod of my elastic folders to fit in with amora. thanks to david lanham for giving me permission to make/release these, and for making such a amazing theme/icons any comments suggestions? The set should be out by the end of the week
  4. actually apple made a patent that suggested it wouldn't be touch screen all you would have to do is hover your finger above the screen, which sounds a little awkward to me
  5. This is a set of four Icons for Acquisition, MacTheRipper, BitTorrent/Transmission, anything really the icons are pretty flexable and fit-in with most apps. thanks click the image to download
  6. Thanks for the comments if there are any digg members please digg elastic folders here http://digg.com/design/Elastic_Folder_Set . I Finished the Hard Drive Icons I just have to do 32/16 px versions then I will release them
  7. can you put in on imageshack flicker is blocked in dubai
  8. i brought my PPC mac in august last year, I'm saying that the only time i will use windows is on the macbook pro I'm buying for college
  9. congrats, I've had my mac for almost a year and will never use windows again.. expect for play games using boot camp
  10. are you using a mac or pc,deleting on a mac is cmd(command)+backspace
  11. I don't think he drew it cause i saw that picture in egm, still its a nice wall
  12. cool, once i finish the drives I'll come up with some more colors and white has been requested a lot so that will be included, thanks for the comments
  13. here is a update on the new hard-drive icons I'm still working on them but the final version should look similar I'm still working on the colors of the blue and black version they will probably change, i will release these as soon as i can thanks,
  14. thanks for the comments yeah i left the hard out because i want to re-work/update them before i release them it shouldn't be to long
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