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  1. Thank you very much, glad you liked it
  2. Save it in your hard drive and use a program like isobuster to extract the files.
  3. Edit-Preferences-MultiPlugin-Appearance-select "Hide the menu"
  4. Thank you very much Why do you think it wouldn't work as a wall?
  5. Me too, not practical... Installed iTunes 7 today, works great also, and the ipod sync is fine too. Anybody tried an antivirus in vista? still trying to decide what to use.
  6. Hope you like it, comments welcomed! Preview and Download
  7. Skin for Avetunes. "So Many Allies" Hope you enjoy it Comments welcomed!!! Preview and Download
  8. If you install from a DVD, it is recommended to use a DVD-ROM, and not a DVD-RW, which for some reason (if I remember correctly reading speed) sometimes doesn't work for some people. I also installed it from my hard drive, but first I tried with a DVD and it didn't work.
  9. Just installed it today. Had trouble at first, got several errors. Searched for hours, a lot of people had the "8007327017" error. The solution seemed to be that you can only install it from a DVD-ROM, and it is recommended to burn the .iso at a very low speed. My laptop only has a DVD-RW, so I had to download isobuster and install it from there. The trouble was totally worth it, I love the new design and effects, it runs veeeeeeery smooth (P4 3.2 Gs, 2 Gs RAM), no problems with drivers or software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Office 2003, Firefox, Nero, iTunes and some games everything worked
  10. Visual Style: Underling by Pete Ross (Original Theme by Gerrit Vanoppen) Wallpaper: A million engines in neutral by me AveTunes: We escape by me Icons: ? by me Styler toolbar: Underling Miranda IM skin: Underling by me Music Selection: Thom Yorke – The Clock from The Erase DeviantArt
  11. 1440x900 Inspired by Thom Yorke Hope you like it, comments welcomed! Preview and Download
  12. Underling for Miranda IM Included Modern Contact List skin Status Icons ("Underling status Icons.dll") Other icons Installation: 1. Install the Segoe UI font (included) 2. Copy Underling.msf and the Underling folder in your chosen Miranda skin's directory 3. Make sure Underling.msf and the Underling folder are in the same directory 4. Get clist_modern.dll (should come installed with the latest nightly) 5. Activate clist_modern (if you are using another contact list) 6. Go to Options > Customize > Skin and select Underling Icons To change status icons: go to "con
  13. Skin for Avetunes. We escape and We escape alternative. Hope you enjoy them Comments welcomed!!! Preview and Download
  14. I'm using AveDesk 2 beta and Avetunes 3 I'm trying to finish an AveTunes skin and I have 2 questions: I can't make the progess bar to change the position of the song when I click on it. I can see it and it moves as the song goes one. I have a knob.png and this is the coding for that part: [ProgressBar] Left=10 Top=210 Width=125 Height=17 [Knob] Width=125 Height=17 UseBitmap=1 stretchKnob=1 [innerKnob] ColorA=255 ColorR=255 ColorG=255 ColorB=255 [OuterKnob] ColorA=255 ColorR=255 ColorG=255 ColorB=255 What do I have to modify? Also, I read that Andrea want skins in AVEINST format. How do
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