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  1. this was the best ad ive seen in ages.
  2. This is the default set that comes with RK Launcher; http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15949688/
  3. If you searched you would have found it in a matter of seconds Panther Summer
  4. Right click desktop > arrange icons by > Uncheck "Lock Web Items on Desktop"
  5. click on the tray icon and select preferences and change the hot hey
  6. Go to the processes tab in your task manager and check if objectbar is running. If it is, go to Program FilesObject DesktopObjectBar and open the "recover hidden taskbar" shortcut. When your taskbar comes back open the config window from the objectbar tray icon and change the options from there
  7. If you go to features > sidebar & gadgets and look at the tray system icons, youll see that the volume and battery icons are almost identical to their mac equivelants
  8. you mean the close button on the tab? Tab mix plus can do that
  9. Heres the Avast box png Tell me if the shadow needs adjusting. i had to redo it
  10. http://kb.mozillazine.org/Move_the_tabbar_(Firefox)
  11. 957

    My OBFont

    the other picture is a real mac. OS X and XP render fonts differently
  12. When i started up firefox today all my bookmarks had dissappeared and the toolbar items were back to their original position, but the extensions and themes remain. And firefox doesnt take keyboard input. What has happened and can i get my bookmarks back?
  13. This picture is a fake. watch http://web.mac.com/christianwedlock/iWeb/Christian/fake.mov and see how he made it
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