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  1. your best bet would be to go to macthemes and sign up, then pm a user named DrTaru (me) i'll be glad to help over there.
  2. Still in love with Litestep and elfin. Wall by me. Ask if you want it.
  3. I dont have a imagemagick.dll file or a register.vbs file or a register menu in the right click menu? HELP! i downloaded from DA like 10 mins ago.
  4. Still Litestep. Still Elfin. Still Manicho New Image.
  5. My desktop. <3 Litestep. <3 Elfin.
  6. @Quillz: Where can I get that WP?
  7. Another way to do it would be to not even specify a height / width, not valid but it still works. Change this: <img src="<?= $row[0]?>" width="1024" height="768"/> Into this: <img src="<?= $row[0]?>"/>
  8. What i would do is run the files and settings transfer wizard, just in case. and do the "old PC" option. save it to a folder on your media drive. then try the repair. you could also try booting into a DOS floppy and running chkdsk
  9. is it possible for a version without text?
  10. ok i have your fix, if you still need it give me a holler on MSN
  11. shmengie i like your "you get yummy drm" comment and your sig together lol.
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