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  1. Had the same problem this week with Y'z... it's weather.com, fo sho.
  2. Mm. I agree he's little more than a figurehead at this point, and that it's a little difficult to imagine the typical Mac user caring particularly much about him stepping down. Basically, it would've been a cool excuse for a party where you smash things—who doesn't love a good smashy-smashy? Oh, and there's another, less obvious reason one might be happy Bill Gates is stepping down: Very often, when a company's founder cedes leadership to underlings or newcomers, the company, well, founders. So anyone hoping for gains in Apple's market share would have good reason to welcome Gates' continued
  3. I'm not new to Aqua-Soft at all ... joined up six years ago now. But it's been a long time. Hello again! I used to run the blogging site, Jablog, where contrasutra (former mod here) had his blog. Though I own two iPods, a PowerMac G4 and accompanying Studio Display (the last CRT one), several old Apple mics, a wired Apple mouse and two Apple keyboards, the only one of those Apple-manufactured products I purchased for myself was my aluminum wired keyboard. The others were all "inherited" from corporate sources, found or gifted. People think my PC is a Mac, too. After a couple years of heavy
  4. Better yet, go to the thrift store to buy some clothes—you could get like five nice pairs of pants and five shirts for $30.
  5. Haven't posted here in quite a while, but I've come out of hiding to ask a "professional" question: Does anyone who lives in the St. Louis area know of any Apple aficionados doing anything (hosting any parties, etc.) this July to commemorate/celebrate Bill Gates' stepping down as Microsoft's chairman? The coolest thing, of course, would be if someone were hosting a party where people could go all Office Space on a PC or two, or pin the tail/other appendage on Bill Gates, or what have you—but I'm not all that picky. Almost any kind of Bill Gates retirement–related event would suffice. The re
  6. Multiplugin isn't working with the latest version of iTunes as of this week...
  7. Got 7/7 with 30 seconds left on the first try. That's pretty cool.
  8. Yeah, all three of those shown are rather nice.
  9. 1280x1024 LCD. My old monitor was great at 1024x768, though.
  10. This may not look very customized, but I changed all the icons in the dock to black-and-grey, modded the tray icons that're visible, and modded the theme I'm using to my specifications. Little things like that. I have other customized items, but ... eh. I'm going a bit minimalist these days. I'm a big fan of the wallpaper I'm using right now, though - got it from a stock photography site. There's something clean, modern, and metal-and-glass about it all, as opposed to the screenshot I posted a few months ago, which featured a lawn dock and Bliss-like wallpaper with lots of grass and gre
  11. I'll be a junior in the fall here at Washington University in St. Louis. It'll be my 8th semester in college, as I've spent the past three summers here taking classes, in addition to 4 regular-year semesters. I'm workin' on a psych major and three minors...
  12. I have an Aiptek one I got off an art student for $20 a few months ago. She got it for $60 and never used it. Anyway, it works okay, but it's not the best when drawing slowly or striving for pixel-by-pixel accuracy. The mouse and pen are a bit clumsy—I avoid using the mouse at all costs, and the pen has a battery, so it's oddly weighted and a bit hard to hold properly. I just checked out Aiptek's site—apparently the one I have is the second cheapest. [[shrugs]] It's still going for between $60 and $75 new. This is the one
  13. Laurel


    Yeah, a friend of mine got this last year and we watched it on DVD—the use of color and light and everything in this movie is simply gorgeous. I'm definitely a fan. The previews make it look awesome, but even they don't do it justice.
  14. Haha... I play clarinet and alto sax—I've played clarinet since I was in 4th grade, so for 11 years; I've played alto since 8th grade, hence for 7 years. (Yay, I can do math.) I was in literally every band in high school (concert, symphonic, jazz, marching, pit orchestra), and played some with the orchestra senior year and was in a local community band, Northwinds, for 2 years. I was a section leader and all that for a couple years. I haven't gotten to play much since I've been here at WU, though, 'cause our instrumental music program frankly sucks a lot. I've only gotten to be in a small win
  15. Heh...nothing happened here...although I'm in even fancier Clayton/U. City, so what do I know?
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