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  1. very nice but doesnt work. 'Theme exceeds maximim size allowed' Wont work
  2. although this looks like a lost cause.. if someone sometime is ever able to do it Ill give them a insentive and offer $200.00 through paypal as a donation for the work time.
  3. I changed a few icons on mine and heres how it came out,.
  4. no disrespect to anyone but I remember when tiger screen shots first came out allot of people on talked about how "horrible" and "hidious" it was. Now i see everyone using the clones in theure screen shots and this site is now changed to resemble tiger. just funny, thats all.
  5. excellent, heres what I pulled off GAIM's site in reguards to it being skinable... Native Windows look and feel - GTK is themable, which means that you can change colors, fonts and how the actual widgets are drawn. The Gaim installer, gives you the choice of installing one of 3 GTK+ themes. If you choose GTK-Wimp, Gaim will look and feel like a normal Windows application (including on XP). To switch back to no theme or to change the theme just run the Gaim installer again and pick a different theme. You can visit the gtk-wimp site at http://gtk-wimp.sf.net http://gaim.sourceforge.net/win32/
  6. Attached a screen shot of the gaim windows port. Gaim is a messenger like trillian that allow connecting to aim,msn, y!, etc. Anyways as you can see the buddylist has more of a ichat potential style (more so than trillian). Like the away msg in the buddylist, buddyicons in the buddylist, etc.. All it needs is a decent theme and itll be great. Anyways Im not a skinner and dont claim to be so all I can do is hope to get this viewed by the proper people that would wanna try it.
  7. gaim has a windows port of their messenger (aim, msn, icq, yahoo) and the buddylist has features closer to ichat than trillian (view attached file). All it need is a theme and itll be real nice. Check it out.
  8. those apps will somewhat emulate the appearence of osx but when it comes down to it its still Windows with its virus probs and ugly apps, you can skin some apps, like trillian for example, you can make the buddy list look like ichat but soon as you msg someone and see the ugly white,red, and blue text you know cosmetics arent everything.
  9. Looks pretty good. Is there a skin out there that looks like the real msn for mac? View the screen shot below of msn from my mac.. screensh0t
  10. I work for Suge Knight.
  11. added to ebay:http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...me=STRK:MESE:IT
  12. Whats up everyone, Im wanting to see if anyone wants to trade me a nice pc laptop for my imac. I got the imac about 3 months ago and need to switch back due to a program I have to use for work that isnt available on mac. The imac is in perfect condition and has the following specs.. Flat Panel iMac: 700mhz G4 Processor 15" built in screen 640 megs of RAM 40 gig Hard Drive 24X CDRW/ DVD-Rom Panther (OSX 10.3) Apple Pro Speakers Isub Apple pro mouse/keyboard All CDs/Manuals Software Inlcuded Adobe Photoshop Dreamweaver Toast Titanium Microsoft Office 2004 Transmit FTP ichat, itunes, iphoto, im
  13. If anyone is interested Im selling the PC for $400.00 which includes shipping. Strapped for cash so gotta get rid of it.
  14. i can email you pics, drop me a PM with your email address and Ill send them over.
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