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  1. Start -> Programs -> Startup Just copy a shortcut to RKLauncher into that folder, and the program will start with Windows.
  2. Yeah, I'm not sure of the answer myself, but Tricky, are you sure you're distinguishing between ClearType, which is a specific Microsoft thing, and normal anti-aliasing? ClearType involves a lot more than normal anti-aliasing, and I'd assume is fairly proprietary.
  3. How old was the drive? Uninstall programs are pretty straightforward... I find it exceedingly unlikely that the one for Windowblinds "hosed" your system. At least, to the extent that, if your drive crashed as a result of Windowblinds, a slight breeze probably would have done it 20 seconds later if you had waited to run the uninstall program.
  4. I think you have to distinguish between what is "possible" and what is "architecturally possible in Windows." Is it technically possible? Of course it is! It's not that much graphical data and the effect is pretty trivial (i.e., no one's asking for 3D rendering or anything of that sort.) Is it possible in Windows? It's tough, because, well, Microsoft didn't exactly design the graphical components of XP to be readily changeable, so the method(s) available for changing the background is/are generally just setting the background to a picture in a one time shot -- not actually dynamically changing
  5. I don't believe it draws a distinction between squirt guns and real guns. Nothing that resembles or is a weapon can go on the plane with you, period. If you're wheeling your suitcase onto the plane, it's saying that you can't have a gun, a toy gun, anything like that, period. With guns, you're allowed to have them in your checked-in luggage, i.e., the stuff that goes into the plane's cargo hold that you don't have access to. So no matter how you read the list, at the very worst, it's saying that you can't bring a squirt gun onto a plane, which might seem irrational, but, well, a terrorist with
  6. And, for what it's worth: "The prohibited and permitted items chart is not intended to be all-inclusive and is updated as necessary. To ensure everyone’s security, the screener may determine that an item not on the prohibited items chart is prohibited. In addition, the screener may also determine that an item on the permitted chart is dangerous and therefore may not be brought through the security checkpoint." So... in conclusion, I think you could do a lot better job finding things with which you disagree when it comes to America.
  7. What are you talking about? It says pretty clearly that people are prohibited from travelling with firearms and hand grenades (travel=carrying onto the plane, in the case of guns.) Please alert me immediately if an Uzi isn't a firearm, or if a hand grenade isn't ... a hand grenade, because I will then therefore have to have gone insane.
  8. Someone has developed an OSCAR plugin for Miranda, meaning that, among other things, you can finally read away messages (without using some kind of bizarre Jabber go-between technique.) http://www.snaphat.com/oscar.php But first, a quick anecdote. So, I was using AIM today, and I got a message from the AOL System Message thing. EXCUSE me?!?!?! Not only did AOL send me a ridiculous ad about something that no one would find useful, they had the nerve to actually modify my contact list without asking me. And were so patronizing as to suggest that I should be grateful for such a service. Wha
  9. Why do so many people challenge other people with regard to the way they have chosen to have their computer set up? Soultech did not ask for an alternative to the taskbar, nappystudios. Your answer is useless and patronizing. And for the record, there are plenty of reasons to use the taskbar. My reason is because of the system tray. There are system tray docklets for OD, but they all have memory leaks and invariably crash. So, in conclusion... just keep in mind that most people generally don't like it when someone completely disregards their question and poses another question that implies tha
  10. Meh, I'll never accept that CSS should be used to position everything. Tables are so much easier to read for the basic relative positioning of elements major elements. I absolutely accept the fact that CSS is more suitable for positioning smaller elements, but for what tables are being used for here, I don't see a problem. And it's not like the site has four levels of nested tables.
  11. Erm... maybe I'm not reading the code carefully enough, but it seems like your TD with the menu part is in the same TR as the TD with your desktop image. The TD height property only goes so far to control the height. The first thing the browser considers is what the size of the biggest TD in the given TR is, and then every TD gets that height. The TD's aren't independent "boxes"--they're like cells in a spreadsheet. Stretch one, you stretch them all. The solution, again, assuming I'm reading your code correctly, would be to nest the entire menu into it's own table. This isn't so much a "brows
  12. If you make it larger and artifacts become more noticeable, you can try using a bit of a gaussian blur. Of course, this doesn't help with the blurriness, but that's somewhat unavoidable unless you're dealing with vectors. I guess your only options are to selectively enhance the parts of the image where there is a transition from one color or pattern element into another. That would only be useful on simple pictures, i.e., if you're resizing a face, there's really not much you can get out if it if it's small. The detail has to come from somewhere, and Photoshop can't really guess.
  13. 64, 128, 164, 192 bit graphics? Muh? 1 bit graphics = 2 colors. 2^1 = 2. 0 and 1. 2 bit graphics = 4 colors. 2^2 = 4. 00, 01, 10, 11. ... 8 bit graphics = 256 colors. 2^8 = 256. 16 bit graphics = 65,536 colors. 2^16 = 65536 32 bit graphics = 24 bit graphics (2^24 - 16,777,216 colors) + 8 bit alpha channel (transparency) support. As it is, "true" color (24 bit graphics, or 32, which is 24 bit, just with added transparency support), supports a range of color approaching that which the human eye can perceive. 192 bit graphics... that would be an amazing 6.277 * 10^57 colors. Honestly, this is a
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