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  1. 1) yes : in sarah media 1.3 : What is the quicktime extension ??? 2) No, I do not know how to do... I will see if it is possible for 1.3. DeeTOX.
  2. lol : all my install are sfx RAR !!!! these files are exe make by winrar !!! You can download sarah media 1.2 and install it without problem I think ! ;-)
  3. Sarah Media "love her" ( 1.2 ) is now available !!!! I put in my website the two skins of Vale46, the last version of Sarah Media, and the Namek Kural translation of Sarah Media : http://pascal.hervo.club.fr/osxplorer/appl...sarah_media.htm DeeTOX.
  4. Ohh, I undestand !!! I see in the frontrow website... infact, I think I will not change that for the moment... I will add with feature if I can take the time but I am not sure it is possible with the engine I make for Sarah Media animations. DeeTOX.
  5. Please crucius, send me a mail with a little picture ( like the next ) to explain me what I should do... DeeTOX.
  6. @ Namek Kural : Translation : What language did you use to program Sarah Media ? C++ or VB or another ? >>> Quel language as tu utilisé pour programmer Sarah Media ? C++ ou VB ou un autre ? infact, I program all my applications with delphi : It is turbopascal and it is the greatest language of the world ! lol @Vale46 : Thank you... I will fix it !!!! DeeTOX.
  7. Namek Kural : No, anyway to make XXXXX_3D transparent... Your idea is great and I have the same so please, users, tell me if you like Sarah Media with images in the left or no ( like frontrow). Thank you. DeeTOX.
  8. Vale46 : If you want some help to modify listes_3D and morceaux_3D, XXXXX_3D... I can help you !!! If you want some help, send me an email ! It is with photoshop ! thank you all. DeeTOX. P.S : I am now working on a system that let use any remote control !!!! :-p P.PS : Vale46 : Your screen are wonderful !
  9. Thank you !!! The files are added and it is BEAUUUUUUUTIFUUUUUUUUUL !!! lol Is it you that """take""" these files from frontrow ??? If yes, can I add your name in Sarah Media end panel ? @Namek Kural : You help me too : Can I add your name too ? Thank you. DeeTOX.
  10. yes !!!! I want it please !!!!! you can send them here : [email protected] ! Thank you guy ! It is GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT !!!! DeeTOX.
  11. Vale46 : You are right !!! Thank you : I will change that !
  12. thank you Namek Kural !!! You have some great ideas !!!! I will work on it and add your german translation !!! For the "better resolution" of pictures, I will improve that in Sarah Media "Love her" 1.2. Lots of thanks !!!! DeeTOX.
  13. You have the same computer has me so I can not undestand this bug ! :-s
  14. @lukevink windows sp1, sp2 ? itunes last version ? Austin123 & bh2 : I have a 2000+ and a geforce 4 ti 4200 Yes : I think it is your geforce that is not enough strong !!!! Sorry for your hardware ! lol DeeTOX.
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