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  1. Ok i admit... i am the new guy... i dont know a lot of things... this is the error that i get when i try to install it... actually i cannot even figure out how to attach an image hmmm help!
  2. well i give up then... sorry for wasting you time... i was just after some information... sorry to mess up your system
  3. oops i thought i put this uner community applications... sorry for putting it in the wrong place! the reason i havent tried the apps yet is i am waiting for my cam to arrive, i bought it on ebay, it should be here in a week.
  4. Does anyone know if the quality is as nice as iChatAV? Is anyone using the above apps? What are their thoughts on them? Thanks!!!
  5. Does anyone know of a program such as iChat AV? I think it looks amazing and my wife wants to use something to chave via video to her family in america (we are in australia now). I dont want a skin or anything, just what AV chat program works the best, iChat makes the video conference look soooooo good, does windows have anything that makes the video look as good? Thanks for your help!
  6. yeah i dont know how i accidently quoted the pics... ummm maybe i am worse at this than i thought no i definately am!!!! oh well i can still appreciate great icons!!
  7. ummm sorry for blaming your app rimmer... it seems that i am still an idiot when it comes to this stuff thanks for your help too!!!! i got it figured out... i loaded a windows blind at the same time and it was what did it!!!
  8. WHOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!! so pretty man.... good work!
  9. Umm i have this problem since downloading and using mcbar, it has made half my menu dissappear when i click "start" or the little apple please help.... here is a screen shot of what it looks like... how do i uninstall mcbar?
  10. What objectbar clone are you using? I just have the standard one from Flyakite OSX and i love that you can change that little useless jpg of spotlight into the real thing!!!! Any tips you give would be so greatly appreciated... oh yeah i love the spotlight clone... after laboring for days with other ones, amazingly... yours just worked!
  11. Ohhh thanks... hopefully my ****yiness subsides soon! Thanks and it looks so nice man... wow... i dont want to be demanding, but you gotta do a whole Office set man... woooooie that would be so freakin pretty!
  12. you are a genius... thanks so much! more power to the aqua!!
  13. i am an idiot i know... but for some reason i cannot get the launcher to actually launch Office 2003 applications they bounce around, but nothing happens... please help an idiot... please... i am new at all this apple stuff and i LOVE it but am trying to get a handle on it all... flyakiteosx and all that stuff!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. ummmm i am a ****y... how do i download it from that site, i cannot find anything to click on to download... i feel like an idiot but i would love to use it!
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