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  1. Why hasn't the front page been updated in 6 months? THe visual styles section is getting sparse and new posts are few and far between. Can anyone shed some light on this for us? meat
  2. No matter what new themes/styles come out I always come back to Brushed 3.5 by Max Rudberg ported by Hills. It's really clean and solid feeling. Second runner up would be plain Aqua or Aqua Extreme 2.1 again by Max Rudberg ported by Hills. I really like the classic pinstripe style.
  3. What VS and Trillian skin is that? Meat
  4. What are you modding the control panel and display properties with? -meat
  5. Actually, its confusing because it could mean, you cant post more than one shot for the entire month, or it could mean that you cant post more than one shot in the same post. I"m assuming that it means no more than one shot per post since I see everyone posting more than one shot a month, ( hell I have at least 12 diff styles of desktops a month easy) Am I correct? -meat
  6. That's not Elisha Cuthbert, chief Not even close, but I like the layout.
  7. boolathakid, what's the VS/KIT you used in your shot? _meat
  8. Hey, what program are you using in that screenie to customize the folder? Or is that a finder clone? (and if so, which one) -Tom
  9. Does anyone have the problem with objectbar left justifying everything? I can't get my systray from the middle of the bar. And ALL OB themes do this now. This started with the new version of OB and also when right click came out. The clock, systray, etc are all piled to the left. Anyone?
  10. Gerrit, what font is that? It almost looks like Swiss but not quite. -meat
  11. Remove the heavy metal reference from your resume, be more detailed about the software you've used, and ask for about $35+ yr USD. It depends on where you live. That's really a $40+ job depending on where you are and how saturated your area is with people in your field.
  12. That is a very generous offer and since an Aqua-Community member is making the offer to us, I would reciprocate by putting up content to help give back to everyone: I would make a comprehensive site with updated links to all the applications everyone uses such as all the 3rd party apps (nexplorer,miranda, looca, etc), as well as the system mod site links, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to find apps I've seen in screenshots with no luck - even after searching here . So that's my idea -meat [wi
  13. With objectdock you can setup a diff dock on each monitor but each one is a unique dock. They aren't clones of the main one or anything. Thats how I have it. I have 2 17" and one 20" monitors (1280x1024 / 1600x1200 / 1280x1024 respectively) and usually have one per monitor for various items. Main shortcuts on the main monitor and less used ones on the others. -meat p.s. - hey where do you find yourself getting multi-monitor wallpapers from?
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