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  1. Today I'm releasing my new system set called Pry. The set contains 195 icon spread over 4 folder variations, hard disks and optical discs. This set is quite big and contain a lot of small details that I cannot show in previews. So grab a copy and check it out for yourself or view a small fraction HERE I am working up a blog post for the Enhanced Labs homepage on the creation process, different inspirations and what not. I'll be sure to link to that once I get it done. In the meantime download a pack of your choice and enjoy Download is either at JonasRaskDesign or at Enhan
  2. the iMac is a mod of the psd kit I released here: http://macthemes2.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=16781278
  3. the 4th is a merge of my Safari icon from Ekisho and a client icon I did for SPI dynamics.... dunno who did it though! LOL
  4. Hi Guys. Zee QuickLook folders, Grahite and Aqua. Including some extras like new iDisks and globes and the long lost iMac. I also made a Special Canum edition. Enjoy Download HERE EXTRA! PLEASE HAMMER DON'T HURT 'EM! Sorry for the windows versions delay, but I ran out of time. My website is now fully updated to include the windows .ico versions
  5. Hey Jannie.... The icons are up now in ico format
  6. UPDATE!: Un petit bonus: Download at my site Hi Guys. A replacement icon for the Gmail frontend MailPlane. Download at my site
  7. Hi Guys. Yeah, so I like Joost very much. It's still in beta on a per invite basis.... but it ROCKS! Only problem: it needed a real OSX type icon for the dock. Enjoy
  8. Joost'ified! GuiKit: Cats installer by Susumu Wall: The infamous Hardwood wall by ? Icons: Ekisho Deep Ocean by me Showcasing everything JOOST! :cool:
  9. I finished a newsfire replacement icon that I had laying around, this is a bit different from the others out there. Download Enjoy your morning paper
  10. Ekisho got a facelift. I updated the folders to have the true aqua feel, made some extra folders, new harddrives and an updated version of the trash. Fullscreen preview Download Hope you enjoy this
  11. thats not it... trust me...... here it is:
  12. ha ha , thanks guys @zeroc00l ....7/11 are pretty popular everywhere, aren't they Slurpee ftw!
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