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  1. Wow. My log-in still works! I have moved into the Mac camp, too, sort of. I'm typing this on my mid-2010 Polycarbonate MacBook on Big Sur. Yay for OS X modding. I recognize the names! Hey all!
  2. I like the new version, but what I don't like is the multidisc album problems.
  3. I pop in from time to time. I don't visit as often as I used to, though.
  4. What kind of hardware are you using? Vista is fine on my 2-year old HP laptop. 7 runs fine on my 4 year-old Toshiba. Must have lucked out, or once again people are using ancient hardware and then get upset that Vista doesn't run as expected.
  5. You might not like hearing this, but IE8 may be your best bet for memory usage. Safari, Opera, and Firefox eat memory like no tomorrow. If you run a modern computer with a firewall and antivirus, and browse the internet normally, IE8 is perfectly fine.
  6. Heavy flash and javascript pages can kill Firefox, too. I just had 3.5 die yesterday because it had too much going on in three tabs. Fast as heck till it crashed.
  7. Short Answer: No. Long Answer: Even if you could, which you can't, you wouldn't want to. It's sluggish with 2GB of RAM. It would be downright glacial with 512MB.
  8. I disagree. Windows is fine. I've had very few problems with Vista, but using Leopard for the past 4 months on campus for editing, I've found it even more annoying than Tiger. Snow Leopard is what Leopard should have been 2 years ago. That said, I'm impressed with improvements in the MacBook line. For the record, you are quite right about the designs used by HP. As an owner I would prefer if they had used more metal and a little less metal-looking plastic. The design is fine. As far as the aluminum MacBooks, I actually prefer the White MacBook.
  9. Staying with 3. I'm not really happy with what they did with the windows version. One thing I'm happy to say is that they got rid of that ridiculous "tabs on top."
  10. Yeah. @Kawsquared: And I like my Mr. Davis and Mr. Evans, too.
  11. Staying with the older Safari 4 developer preview and/or Safari 3.2.2. I like Chrome as Chrome. I like Safari as Safari. I don't like Safari as Chrome (ugly-fied) for Windows. Apple's making a habit of blowing things of late...
  12. Looks. Good. A-S4 skin is a little bit odd in places, but it works.
  13. My choices: IE8 (even though it's still a bit buggy) Safari (4 needs a new build ASAP!) Firefox (old standby) Opera (fun to use)
  14. Did that and the HD jumped to 4.7, moving the system score to 3.3. Now the Centrino is holding the system back.
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