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  1. I'm opening this Thread in Honor of the best Theme Creator in the community Stefanka. http://stefanka.deviantart.com/ It didn’t matter whether it was Windows or Mac he always deliver a super clean and innovative product, but little it’s know about him other than the fact that he was German. Does somebody know what he does today? Is he still in the design space? Are we lucky enough and he were hired by Apple or Microsoft?
  2. unfortunately fonts still looks like crap, and i dont think that for at least a year nothing changes on Win XP theming.
  3. For the ones that are going to make a big wait till the price of the iphone comes down , there's the option of the Prada Lg phone quinda cool, although the interface seems slow, this may not be a final version of the device
  4. Well today i start to play my most anticipate game Final Fantasy 12 for the Ps2 (have already the japanese version) For the 07 chances of getting the Ps3 are low, so think i'm going for the 360 and that means "Blue Dragon"
  5. Anyone?, he confuse and send me the buttons, but what i need are the Symbols to make new miranda skins
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