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  1. Finally, was looking for something like this. Thanks Behelit
  2. @drudragon: Thanks for the Finder icon I found Jet's skin just after .Fliz's reply, but thanks for everything And yes you are right, the Finder icon is from Lutetium For those who are looking for the Lutetium Icons here you go: http://forums.macnn.com/showthread.php?t=226535 http://sauovsky.spymac.com/ is down Could someone share the SeeQua Ya icons please? EDIT: Eureka! Found the SeeQua Ya icons http://blog.sauo.com/ EDIT: OK, this is going crazy, the archive does not extract properly : could someone please share the Quicktime icon
  3. Hello, I'm looking for the wallpaper found in this screenshot. I would also appreciate it if you could tell me from where could I get the Finder and Quicktime icons, as well as the AveTunes (or Yahoo! WE widget). Thanks
  4. Please port it I love that skin
  5. @wizard: The GIMP is something around 7.3 MB, you call that a huge file? @mps69_1999: Read this article. It will clear things out for you and help you decide.
  6. Yes, since I don't want to see someone frustrated because he/she couldnt' download the wallpapers, or someone posting a new thread about the wallpapers. Like I said, if any of you want any of the old wallpapers just PM or email me.
  7. ClearType is what you need my friend.
  8. I'm removing the South Park Kids wallpapers from my gallery for several reasons: I don't think they're good enough, therefore I'm redesigning them from scratch I'm releasing a BIG SP Kids Pack with a lot of colours Cartman should be in those walls, don't worry like I previously said he will be in the next release If you still want any of the wallpapers please PM or mail me. I'll send them to you.
  9. Not surprised All your icons are awesome
  10. @netox: You're right, I am relatively pretty young (16 years old). And thanks for the icon However I have played the greatest games on the SNES *cough* ROMS *cough*
  11. Hey everybody, I'm looking for that controller icon (is that an SNES controller by the way? ) found in this screenshot. It's in the middle of the dock, next to the "Preview" icon. Could someone tell me where can I get it?
  12. #1- I can't stand WinAMP, Windows Media Player, MusicMatch, RealOne. #2- I have an iPod, I need iTunes to update it. #3- iTunes is very organised, the library is simply perfect. #4- The great skins that iTunes has. #5- You wouldn't ask this question if you've actually tried iTunes. But I see that you currently are. Good for you
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