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  1. Ok, has anyone noticed that the second one, the plane, is now the default icon?
  2. Could someone make an icon of a closed Gameboy Advance SP - NES Edition? Picture:
  3. Does anyone know of a generic GTD icon? I'd like a nice "@" symbol one.
  4. 55 items, 4.1 hours, 460.7 MB I know, it's not a lot at all. I have very ecletic musical tastes and I go on "Genre Kicks". I'm on a Christian Rock one right now.
  5. Wel, the main reason I don't want to deal in person is because I'm 14. I could handle myself, but I can imagine the conversation: Me: Dad, Can we go to the mall? Dad: Why? Me: So I can meet a total stranger to sell my MP3 player . . . Dad: . . . I'm willing to use a Cash on Delivery system. It's where I send the package to a UPS store near the buyer. The buyer then goes to pick up the package at the store and must pay the UPS store before getting the package.
  6. Craigslist - Don't want to deal with a person in person Newspaper - Too much for ad space
  7. Meh, all of them are broke and/or own cheap $12 MP3 players
  8. 1. Mac OS X Tiger 2. Windows Vista 3. Ubuntu Edgy Eft 4. Windows XP 5. SuSE Linux
  9. Well, eBay wants a credit card number, and I don't have one so no eBay for me . . . Any suggestions?
  10. Thank you so much! It's beautiful - tear -
  11. How much should I sell a "Near perfect" condition Toshiba Gigabeat S? I have all the original cables, but not the packaging. I bought it in June of 2006 for $279 USD, and I want to use the money I get to buy an iPod Nano.
  12. Could someone make a Firefox icon and replace the earth with the earth from the OmniWeb icon? Thanks! Firefox Icon: OmniWeb Icon:
  13. 1. Which incarnation of the iPod do you like the most (product line and generation)? iPod Nano - 1st Generation 2. Which version of iTunes do you like best? iTunes 7 - Because of the nifty Cover Flow 3. Name the celebrity you think is the hottest (do both genders for a chance at extra points!)? Female - Halle Berry Male - George Clooney 4. If you could have a super power, what would it be? Technokinesis - The ability to control technology with the mind (EVIL LAUGH) 5. What is your favorite color/colour? Aqua Blue 6. Do you play World of Warcraft? Quite a bit ^^ 7. Fav
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