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  1. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showthread.php?t=42001
  2. Go to the osx-e.com link, a few posts above.
  3. No worries. Life is more important than skinning, although it is sometimes hard to remember that around here. Hope things work out for you. Best.
  4. Does anyone know whether there is an extension like Firefoxy for the Windows version of Firefox. The extension allows you to customize the buttons and scroll bars on web pages. See here: http://www.amake.us/software/firefoxy/ Thank you
  5. If this is still being developed, and I hope it is, there is a rendering issue with black borders around application windows when the MySpaces display is implemented. Also, windows minimized to a dock show up but their representation could be prettier perhaps.
  6. hence his use of the modifier "personally."
  7. Exciting. Some background on iChat: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/ichat.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IChat Also, matonga, this may help, but I am not a developer so I don't know. http://www.brothersoft.com/video-chat-acti...-sdk-52462.html Cheers.
  8. Cool. Is there any way this could be integrated into a video plug-in for Miranda -- something similar to video iChat in OSX?
  9. Any news on the development of this app? Nevermind. This has it: http://www.eyalw.com/drupal/node/53
  10. Can you drag and drop onto the stack when its on ObjectDock Plus?
  11. Wish-list and a few thoughts, for whatever they are worth: Of course integration with explorer (XP and Vista) would be great, but if that can't be achieved then perhaps a right-click context menu in explorer is a decent alternative so that when you right click on a item in explorer you have the option to "View in Flying Cow". Keeping memory usage down would be great, also of course. If I use Flying Cow to browse through images in a folder containing a lot of images, 200 for example, memory usage on my CPU goes to around 100%. In terms of being able to page through PDFs, perhaps a Quickview-like app is needed (which would be a great development on its own). It would be great to have the images in Flying Cow be clickable, both to open in their native apps and to quickview them, and also to scroll through without using the scrollbars all the time. Could you also, I'm wondering, click on a folder in Flying Cow, and then go into that folder's contents? That is, navigate It would be great to have all items in a folder represented not just pictures, movies, etc. Thats is, have Flying Cow show folders, compressed files, Office docs, etc. I assume this would at least require use of high-res icons, but most users do that by now anyway. It would be great to have a sidebar like in finder/findexer to navigate through Folders, that could be toggled on and off, instead of the one button currently in use. On the GUI, the more closely it can resemble OSX, in my view, the better, including smoother fonts, having the scrollbar overlayed across the images, sharper-looking file list panel, etc. Thank you. I know many of these ideas have been mentioned before, and they are certainly not original to me, so please accept this post in the constructive spirit in which it is offered. Flying Cow is a remarkable piece of work.
  12. WOW. I just tried this nifty little device for the first time. Ummm. WOW. Matogna: my hat is off to you. You are so close to perfecting this it seems. I hope sincerely that you and the rest of this community can continue the development. Cheers, and thank you.
  13. I guess all the porn spam around here has gotten me a little edgy.
  14. Yes already established that it works with rocketdock. Thanks. But I'm running vista x32 and objectdock -- so I guess it doesn't work with that either right? Well, that IS right, but not according to your post. Speak for yourself in these fora, pwnage101, no more, no less.
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