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  1. Great program that's fun to play around with! A couple of questions -- 1. Can the Apple logo be changed to something else? 2. I've created a menu item 'dock' with 2 submenu entries - 'default dock' and 'create new dock'. 'Create new dock' launches a blank instance of RK launcher via 'customapptolaunch'. My question is -- is it possible to have the 'default dock' entry display as checked when the primary instance of RKLauncher is active? I understand 'checked not active'... but how can i get finderbar to detect if the instance is running and check it on the menu if it is? Better yet... to t
  2. It's phpBB and it's a be-atch. Skinning it is difficult, but I hear you. I invite you or anyone to take this style and implement everything you're saying. Let me know when you nail it.
  3. fair enough... I thought the blue and white was on the tip. Am i in the ballpark?
  4. For all you phpBB enthusiasts... I've spent many hours putting together this phpBB style that I think will appeal to Mac-thusiasts. Preview: http://ennui-anomie.no-ip.org/image/captur...2006_092231.gif http://ennui-anomie.no-ip.org/image/captur...2006_092320.gif Style info & preview: http://ennui-anomie.no-ip.org/image/captur...2006_093009.gif Source, in action: http://ennui-anomie.no-ip.org/forum Dowload at: http://ennui-anomie.no-ip.org/image/bluenote_phpBB.rar Install notes: Copy the contents of the .rar file into you phpBB directory 'templates'. Copy the folder 'bluenote' into the
  5. Moderator -- the links posted by [deleted] are malicious. Do not click them. Please delete them. @[deleted]... "shouldn't you be on a ledge somewhere?" [email protected]
  6. [The posters comments were deleted] now aka '[deleted]' In essence... he basically said ... *^%* get a mac. My reply: I don't want a Mac... I want the GUI as a reference point but not the OS. I like Windows. The tweaks for Windows on this site start with a Mac feel but most of them go beyond just apeing the Mac... the Mac is only a reference point for further enhancements. Thanks for the advice though.... @[deleted] did you try out my Sage stylesheet? If so, what did you think of it? I don't expect a response
  7. Just another blue and white Safari-like style sheet for the Sage RSS reader. I didn't like the 'Hicks' Safari style found on the official Sage website so I pieced together a CSS from found elements that works for me. I like my RSS to be easy to read, so I went with a larger text style then usual. The CSS is part of a larger visual style I'm developing (slowly) for my blog. For fun there is a technorati quick-search for each item. You can preview the style here, here and here. You can download the package in a .rar format here. The 'read me' has installation instructions. Please note, the CSS
  8. qhnM6805b So I installed MacSearch... not bad. I'm curious by what you mean by expanded .ini's? What did you do increase the search scope?
  9. I like GDS... the skin that comes with flyakite is rather nice. I have a lot of respect for google since they stood up to the American government and refused to hand over your search queries to them... btw they are the only company to do so... yahoo, AOL, microsoft etc. all caved. Perhaps I'll give Macsearch a whirl for the fun of it. I'll let y'all know... Avast's web moniter is awesome.. it stops malware in it's tracks. As a resident anti-virus it's not so hot. You have to invoke scans periodically to insure your system is clean and I've seen it crippled by malicious software before. But o
  10. hmm unhide your taskbar and restart.. problems?
  11. qhnM6805b 99% of the time on my startup I have to re-skin finderbar or maclock or both because it looks like they are displaying more then one instance on top of each other. I literally see two of each haha. It's annoying but not a huge issue... just a quick right-click and 'skin it!' works. I thought for some reason I may be running the processes twice but that's not the case. My gut says it has something to do with RKLauncher because the erroneous display seems to happen when it lanches. That's sheer speculation though... It could be anything really for all I know. What processes are you r
  12. I don't think you can get the clock to announce yet... at least I can't. The option stays grey no matter what. Truth be told... why bother? it's just another pointless load on the system. :-)
  13. Just make sure you are installing the latest version. Backup up your finderbar.ini file to keep your tweaks. You can also backup your menu.ini file to keep your menu order. Re-install fresh and back-up the default finderbar.ini and menu.ini files. then overwrite the files with your back-ups from the previous install. See if that helps. If not, restore the default files and see if it works properly. You have to have some patience to find out what the problem is. It may well be your configuration files don't work with 1.3.
  14. kftrainer Backup your 'finderbar.ini' file to save all your tweaks. Delete your finderbar, mac clock, and search directories including any startup shortcuts. Reinstall finder bar, replace the default 'finderbar.ini' with your back up. Don't forget to change the fonts in desktop properties --> appearance --> advanced --> menu. Check to see if it's working. If yes, re-install mac clock. Let us know what happens. It sounds like something is corrupt and you need a fresh copy. To configure the shortcuts just copy the line that starts with 'rundll...' into CustomAppToLaunch' in finderbar.
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