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  1. It's not rocketscience, but if it still does not work, you could be a bit more specific and tell what you've done and what's the result so far. Why don't we meet at the #miranda IRC channel? I'll be there and if you come we can chat until it gets resolved. I switched to miranda recently and I'm quite enthusiastic about it.
  2. -You need Miranda with the IEView plugin. -Open the downloaded archive, and copy the three folders found there (green_blue, green_purple, white_blue) into C:\Program Files\Miranda IM\Plugins\ieview or wheresoever you store your IEView skins. -Open Miranda Options -Navigate to Message Sessions / IEView / Message log (this is a tab) -Click Use Templates -Click the ... button -Change the Template (*.ivt) dropdown to All files -Navigate to this skin, and select ichat.html
  3. Could you help me to find the wallpaper that is shown on this ASUS eee pad? All news from computex show this picture, and this desktop looks great together with the dock and the widgets.
  4. Details @ deviantArt.
  5. Hi, I have created a freeware application called Secondshell. Download here: http://www.secondshell.com SecondShell is a set of enhancements to the windows shell. It's features are the following: # Maximize windows Horizontally or Vertically * When you either need longer lines or more rows, but not full screen – customizable hotkeys. # Move and resize windows easily * While pressing ALT, click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to move. * While pressing ALT, right-click anywhere in the window and drag the mouse to resize. Works also with not resizable windows! # M
  6. Showing off True Launch Bar menus. For full view and description go to deviantArt. Caution: huge, 1600x3600 screenshot.
  7. Full view and details at deviantArt.
  8. http://mbxl.deviantart.com/art/48-Nega-Spectrus-48381582
  9. This must be it. Somehow imageshack seems to resize it. Try here: http://drop.io/0sgpuow
  10. Looks cool. But where is the download link? I'd be happy to betatest on XP. Maybe also on Vista. Definitely on my SonyEricsson phone.
  11. If this is firefox, you can use the "tiny menu" extension.
  12. After using Samurize (and all of the other widget engines) for a couple of years, finally I found the least distracting way of showing system information at the bottom 14 pixels of my screen. The config covers: -Gmail -Weather -Memory -CPU0/CPU1 -Drives C/D/E/F -Wifi signal strength and SSID -Download/Upload speed -IP address (Interface must be selected both for Wifi and Ethernet if both used, active will be shown) -Battery -Uptime -Room for extensions This is for Vista. An update with the XP version follows. (Different Gmail message counter and Wifi ssid / signal strength me
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