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  1. Hello everyone! I'm baaaack! I've been using Leopard for a few weeks, and I didn't like the original wallpaper, so I reworked it from scratch. This is 100% photoshop. I'm really happy with the result. I hope you like it! Download at my deviantART Gallery
  2. 10 more walls and I'll get finished the whole pack I'm making a collab work with many talented photographers on deviantart, so that saves me from the stock images issue
  3. Hello! Do you remember The Week Project? Well, this time I'm starting the release of The Week Project 2 on deviantART. For the WHOLE MONTH. This means, you will get one wallpaper per day, 30 walpapers at the end of the month. Stay tuned to my gallery each day to get the daily releases. So far I've released 2 out of 30 walls: I hope you like these! And stay tuned on the updates! 1 wallpaper per day, until this month finishes. Yeah, I'm crazy. Cheers, Alexis
  4. Hello everyone! I'm sorry for vanishing... My work at deviantART is taking all my free tame and I barely post something on all the forums I used to visit before. I haven't released many wallpapers here in the last month, so i thought its a good time to link them here. Perhaps many of you already saw these ones, but just in case, here they are! Clicking the thumbnail will get you to my wallpaper gallery, coz on many places I'm not allowed to post more than 5 links to prevent spam. Thanks for any comment here. -Alex
  5. 2 recently works, I hope you like them. More at my gallery: http://manicho.deviantart.com
  6. These are my latest works on deviantart, Im sorry for not linking to each one separatedly, but many forums doesnt allow more than 5 previews and 5 links to prevent spam issues. These all are on my gallery at http://manicho.deviantart.com I hope you like them!
  7. That pattern is the bg of a website, and it was showed many times before, although im sure a lot of people (including me) appreciate ur effort to create a wall using the pattern, u shouldnt take credit for it.
  8. Dont leave the project, it looks great! I would try some buttons for styler though... perhaps something similar to umaso's finder buttons.
  9. Two wallpapers I did recently. Hope u like these.
  10. Hello everyone! yeah, I'm alive... busy as hell, but alive. Two wallpaper packs I made recently. I hope u like them.
  11. Thanks hahaha... well... the font is called "Ative CAPS" and it was released as part of a theme by OniRespect, I think. I'm not sure though. Havent seen that font in other sites.
  12. 4 wallpapers I've made the past days, havent released them outside deviantart though. I hope you like these! Fullscreen / Widescreen / Dual Display check the gallery if u want more. Regards, Alexis.
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