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  1. trying to download from http://www.pickafont.com/fonts/B/Bauerbodn...Bt%20Roman.html doesnt work for me, got an error while unpacking can anyone make an mirror of an not packed file?
  2. Woho I'm back and still alive. Ask anything Btw Great SS everyone, and wish everyone a great new year Ciao! //Oscar
  3. np my friend ... hope u understand no offence mate...
  4. hystolke my friend, I dont want to be an ass, I just trying follow the board rules, the grey house comes from Iconbase (payware) are we allowed to post payware? *just woundering*
  5. I happens to have this one... but I was informed it was NFR. sorry
  6. Wall: "Aqua bubblegum" - By Jonas Rask Theme: Carbonite b2 - My fav. Icons: most mods, and some nfr Menubar: Adium status icon tweak. no more duck, replaced by bape starman
  7. Theme: Still a huge carbonite fan Wall: Abstract by Apple iTunes: Xizor LCD mod (thanx buddy) iCons: huge random selection (Many Self modded for Personal usage)
  8. Theme: Carbonite Wallpaper: Oscar Design (my own brand one day hopefully Icons: a huge mix, some are payware, some NFR, the rest is mods. Apps: Twitterrific, Coversutra (modded), Adium (status icon mod) Fonts: Calibri Music: Oscar Sandee (myself with a 2 hour nonstop trance Liveset recorded from vinylmix 2006)
  9. My contribute for march. hope that † Jaziel † doesn't mind lending me the idea from "Ephemeral" The problem was just that the original size was 1280×2048. And on my MacBook Pro 17" I use 1680*1050 so I had to mod it a little bit. mod: change resolution, removed the "sexy blossom", added more "lightballs", plus ear "bling, bling" Theme: Carbonite Wall: My mod of (Sexy_Blossom_by_Wyel) I call my sensual rainbow Icons: huge mix (some self mod) Font: HandelMod ***Music / Jealous Guys - Mr Brightside (Scot Projects Bright Remix) PROMO, Not released yet check out my version here
  10. @Timbob hmm... not much for a bigger difference of u're latest screenshot according to my Emnotio... I consider u're choice of picture as a good thing but sometimes a little "greetz/credits" is all what needs
  11. my last screenshot for feb on my macbook pro 17" info at DA
  12. Emnotio Emnotio was a weird attempt of trying to create a beaty picture. hope someone maybe likes it. Resolution is macish 1680*1050
  13. second contribute for jan... details on DA. Thanx Espionix for inspired me...as I wrote on DA. For My personal usage ONLY. So dont ask thanx man
  14. my contribute for jan ... my second MacBook Pro 17" screen feature my friend Duyvan =) *thanx mate
  15. yeah... kind of old dude, but well *thumbs up!
  16. best xmas gift this year almost. especially when the crack patch was release. my macbook pro 17" really enjoys this shit
  17. ***that safari compass look gorgeous... wanna share? email me at [email protected]
  18. sonic_berto thank u so much for u're emails, helped me a lot =)
  19. please sonic berto that Christina aug must be shared again... that is for damn certain its so god damn pretty... email me please: oscar.sahlberg[at]gmail.com
  20. thanks for those tic tacs.. been looking for a long time =)
  21. haha... that little rabbit looks cute... anyone who has is would be great =)
  22. its been over a month now. Oscar goes PRO bought a brand new baby, Mac Book Pro 17" first time I release a Mac Screenshot. N´JOY Clean and Dirty
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