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  1. That definitely looks like it. Thank you!
  2. Hey all. I'm looking for the specific grass wallpaper in the photo below. This is NOT the same grass wallpaper that ships default with OS X.
  3. According to a French site? I suspect they're mistaking "toxic fumes" from a Mac Pro with their own body odor.
  4. Oh, wow, this still lives. Really nice to see that at least one Mac emulation program hasn't died off. (2008 has not been kind to Mac emulation. Still waiting on an accurate Windowblinds theme...) Going to reinstall this.
  5. There's always debit cards. But using the Apple Store isn't a right, so it's very difficult for me to say requiring a credit or debit card for online transactions is a violation of someone's rights.
  6. Damn. I was hoping it was just a still image I could slap on there. Thanks. Your privacy isn't going to get violated, if that's what you're worried about. Genius just compares information like artist, genre, play count, etc. There's no personal data going out, just listening habits.
  7. I like iTunes 8, but I'm disappointed that we didn't get new Macs. I've been waiting for an aluminum MacBook forever. At least iPhone firmware 2.1 comes out on Friday. That should be interesting. And now for the requisite question: does anyone have the wallpaper shown in that iPod Touch media image? No, and it never will.
  8. Multi-Plugin doesn't work with any recent version of iTunes. Uninstall it.
  9. No one said anything about rewriting the core, a fairly ambiguous term in its own right. What exactly is the core? The Mach kernel?
  10. Guys, resolution independence is in Leopard right now. It's just limited to developers at the moment. I would fully expect it to become an end-user feature in 10.6, since Apple creates products with resolution as high as 2560x1600 (30'' Apple Cinema Display) and 320x480 (iPhone.) Furthermore, the standard DPI on computer monitors is 96, and the iPhone uses 160. The feature is in the code for a reason, and it'll make its way to us sooner rather than later; and given that vectors are extremely hardware-intensive, it's likely one of the many reasons why Snow Leopard focuses on performance rather
  11. Yes, it's 10.6. It focuses less on new features and more on slimming OS X down. It's basically a gigantic optimization, probably born from the effort in shoehorning OS X into the iPhone; a gigantic modernization and backend revamp is probably necessary to improve performance going into the future. It's a good time to do it, too, now that 64-bit is becoming standard.
  12. Your userChrome code fixes the transparent menus, but menu text still isn't getting themed.
  13. You can't. No port exists. The closest we got was the "Broto" substyle in Foxdie. Tanjhay, the creator of Foxdie, has yet to even begin porting it to Firefox 3 because he wanted to wait for the final version. He says to expect it in a month or so.
  14. They weren't counting on Steven Colbert to mention the launch on his show. Looks horrible. Bad text, menus are totally transparent, and many other problems. It's like you hacked the OS X version to work on Windows rather than attempted to do a proper port.
  15. So download a theme. Arronax has made Mac-only Firefox themes that imitate Safari for years now.
  16. Probably not going to happen this long after the fact. What I'd like to see, though is the modded Project Red wallpaper released separately. I don't want to go through the trouble of messing with a guikit (I just bought a Mac, I have no clue what the hell that extension is) for the sake of one wallpaper.
  17. In the meantime, I still have problems. Good grief, I wish Apple would hurry up and release the redesigned MacBooks as rumored so I can go buy one.
  18. Inspiron 6000. They used to install just fine, but after a recent reformat and an installation of Flyakite, no such luck.
  19. That could very well be the problem, as I did indeed select 128x128. Can I re-do the Flyakite setup and select 48x48, or do I have to reinstall the entire thing? Edit: nevermind, it's already set at 48x48. Some of the programs I can't install: the Paint.net update from 3.22 to 3.30, Dell's Bluetooth drivers for my laptop.
  20. How about the bug where computers with Flyakite installed can't install certain pieces of software?
  21. Already well aware of what SP3 brings, so I want to know more about Flyakite's compatibility. Then again, Flyakite is old as hell and I should probably stop using it regardless.
  22. I'd really like to know how SP3 and Flyakite will play together.
  23. I would argue you have a bigger problem with the Windowblinds theme you're applying to Firefox than with Foxdie itself.
  24. I hate to ask this, but could we get a version with just the patterned black background? I'm a sucker for designs like that.
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