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  1. Absolutely amazing. They're sleek, simple, and abundant. Great job!
  2. Sleek, sweet, and silver! Great port, kavin!
  3. http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/showpost.ph...22&postcount=13 What's my prize?
  4. Here you go: MoleskineFolders.zip Robert_Fisher_icons.zip
  5. #1 looks like the Aqua Neue (Graphite) Finder icon
  6. Very soft tinted and pastelly. Thanks for the wall.
  7. Yeah, use ResHacker and replace Icon Group 32512 with a transparent .ico.
  8. Probably because Windows runs a lot more of the apps people use? Probably because most people don't want to spend the time to manually hack OSX to run where it's not supposed to? Probably because most of us like to ability to choose whether we want Aqua or not? Probably because most of us have a sense of moral responsibility and we choose not to? I can go on. Guess what. Aqua-Soft has been around for a while and Apple knows we rip and emulate Mac OS X. They don't care. Why? It's called free publicity. Look at how many A-S users bought a Mac after modding their Windows system for years. On
  9. It's sleek, it's metallic, and it's beautiful! Really nice job on this.
  10. Poof! You own a monkey but you mistreat it so you go to jail. I wish the news would come back.
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