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  1. No. 3 is kinda cool. Looks like matrixcode vs. clothes or something.
  2. These are really nice walls, thx wizard.
  3. Cool. Got myself a new wp. Keep it up. (Y)
  4. Really like this one. Instant favourite. thx!
  5. Looks like a modded version of this: http://www.deviantart.com/view/669228/
  6. No youre not blind, doesnt appear to be a windows-version yet. I sure would like to have one though.
  7. Thanks Jace! I would give you a +Respect, but it seems i need to have 50 posts to do that. Anyway, Thanks again. RESPECT! :own:
  8. Have to agree about the gree one, looks nice. I would like the start-apple to be darker green rather then white. Make it clean, and i´ll use it.
  9. Happy Birthday 2 ya! :cheers:
  10. Np. I have absolutely no idea who made it. Found the link in august desktops by Taha, hope u don´t mind me posting your link taha.
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