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  1. Hello! my last desk for this year! All the details are at DA. Enjoy!
  2. Hi! Looks Nice. But too many stripes, that makes it look too distracting. Thing is There are too many MacOS like themes available, why not try something new?
  3. me second! Awesome!!
  4. Hi! Here's mine for this month, first in this year! comments and questions are welcomed!
  5. Crimson Editor is not a Java IDE Its just an Editor. Also You need to have JDK installed in you system to Compile and run Java Code. To Compile & Execute Java Code from Crimson Editor, Just set it up from tools (or something like that) with required settings, I've used it a long time ago so Can't remember the settings properly Crimson Editor is pretty old and outdated, You can try Programmers Editor 2, Notepad++, JEdit or JCreator. Or if you want a full featured IDE the go for NetBeans or Eclipse
  6. Hi! No previews today All the details are in the DA page ... take a look and enjoy! http://tmahmood.deviantart.com/art/At-the-...f-2007-72240952 bye!
  7. Ubuntu is a Linux based Distro. If you are an user who are not into games much.. then you might like Ubuntu. Linux based OS are safe, secured and much more powerful then Windows. And you don't need to worry about Virus anymore. You might face some problems in the beginning because of crappy hardwares... but Ubuntu Community is awesome and very helpful and as a developer I felt Ubuntu was and is more then perfect replacement for XP
  8. Hi! Here mine for this month Description in dA page...
  9. Hello! First for this month, nothing new except Ubuntu 7.10. All the details in the DA page Comments are welcomed as always Enjoy
  10. +1 for GTK+ its very portable and With GLADE+GTK+ you can build applications very easily. And If you like C# I don't see any reason why you should not like Java, they are almost the same. While Java provides you true cross platform applications. Just my opinion
  11. Here's mine, no previews today Comments are welcome... All the details at DA Click ME!! Enjoy
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