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  1. http://legend217.deviantart.com/art/New-ss-105271793
  2. Lol i love these huge icon reguests
  3. Hi, can someone send me an invitation for joost pls [email protected] Thx
  4. How do i apply png icons using candybar ? Or do i have to convert them to icns first ? And what program do i ned to convert png to icn ? Thx
  5. Can somebody smoothen this and bolden this font and upload pls My high logic font creator has expired a long time ago http://designgraphics.org/modules.php?name...en%20ITC%20font TIA
  6. http://gallery.digik.net/view/10451 Can somebody upload font used here ? TIA
  7. http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/4127/picture1qn3.png Please.
  8. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/43468595/
  9. Try changing the sublabel Fonts. For me fonts like OBFont doesn't work also for me my computer does not show the size, its the C drive
  10. Thanks a lot man !! system preferences is quite odinary but the apple on it is glossy.
  11. where do i find the sys pref icon and log with fire ?
  12. i can't get that 143.84 degrees. What i got was a bearing of approx 283 degrees. And for the second part i got a strange quadilateral instead of a triangle. The dist apart i calculated is 29.8km but i'm not sure whether its correct. Help pls. TIA
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