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  1. Hi. This week I´ve uploaded the new iPod widgets, the iPod DP, iPod nano DP and iPod shuffle DP. For full info and download visit http://alexisdesigns.co.nr , there are also some skins for download. PS Now they work in both Mac and Windows
  2. Hi. I´ve just published the iPod DP widgets at my site http://alexisdesigns.co.nr The iPod DP lets you browse your iTunes Library, rate tracks, view and edit lyrics and more. Now is working for Mac and Windows. You need the Yahoo! Widget Engine
  3. Hi. You could try the iPod DP widgets available at http://alexisdesigns.co.nr/
  4. The new iPod widgets are now available for download at http://alexisdesigns.co.nr Download now the iPod DP, iPod nano DP and iPod shuffle DP each one with its own set of features. Also available are skins for the iPod DP and iPod nano DP. New skins will be released periodically and you can submit your own downloading the Fireworks and Photoshop templates from the Alexis Designs site. Visit the site for full info and download+play now
  5. This weekend I´ll upload the new version of the iPod nano player. Be sure to download from my site http://moviescenter.co.nr/ and let me know what you think
  6. Well, that beta thing was really useful, because I found a lot of people can´t run the widget for some reason. That bug is now fixed and the release version is out this Monday at 22:00 pm. The widget includes three custom skins: iPod U2, MoviesCenter and M:i:III. I´ll also have a template for making new skins....but well, more info later this day at my site: http://moviescenter.co.nr/ stay iTuned
  7. Hi! This Friday I´ll upload the iPod Player 5 beta with a lot of new features. I´ll keep the download only 24 hours until Saturday. This is for you to try it and let me know any bugs. Please any problem with the widget let me know until next Monday. The official release is the next Tuesday. More info and download at my site http://moviescenter.co.nr/ stay iTuned
  8. Yea, you´re right. I´m sorry for that.
  9. After a lot of time, i get to update my iPod Player. The main options now are to change between two sizes with one click nad open the cover art. Some bugs fixed also. More info and the download at my site http://moviescenter.bravehost.com/ stay iTuned.
  10. theres something in the js file for the Photo Library function that makes that bug, i dont know what it is. when i dont use that js file, it loads the correct color selected in preferences. still tryin to find the reason. when its fixed, i´ll update the widget
  11. indeed jazzman, XP= Xtra Pain, also features Plug n´Pray. I use Flyakite, of course Windowblinds, ObjectBar and still lookin for the right dock(MobyDock, ObjectDock,Rocket Launcher..). hallowween, workin on that.
  12. Well then thats the reason. The widget is only for Windows, not for Mac. iTunes companion is a crossplatform widget, sadly mines not. But Im lookin for makin it cross platform asap. I hate Windows, but Im stuck with it, thats the reason for makin the widget for PC. I know Mac are the best, i used and try almost everythin to at least get my ugly Windows look like a Mac and looks way too much better now.
  13. At one point I haved that same bug, but I managed to get to the right code for stopin iTunes launching again. For the cover art, well I have iTunes 6.0.1 and Windows XP sp2 and works fine for me. Maybe you installed iTunes in other folder than the default one? That´s the only reason i can think now
  14. The latest version is 3.0, but only for Windows. It was just updated on the Konfabulator site. For any new versions, please check out osx-e.com and deviantart, where i upload my widgest first, and also this forum. The 0.9 version seems to have worked on Mac because it contained a lot of code from another widget (iTunes Companion) which is cross-platform. Im lookin for make a cross-platform of this widget, but i need some help on that. The iPod Nano version will be available soon, maybe with some new features. stay iTuned
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