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  1. I'ma make this quick! I am at school and I am sorry this is late..Happy birethday.
  2. >.< I just caught that...alter Panthers look...
  3. One perfect example that your sorry ass is totally wrong. <_< http://www.bubbabytevisuals.tk/ Great skinner (one of the best) awsome photoshoper, and hes NOT a poor bastard (im not saying hes rich but...I do know hes not a bastard. Very nice person.) :6
  4. if u want to remove the words from the quick launch then right click the TASKBAR and uncheck Lock TaskBar (if its checked) expaned the quick launch area (untill you have enough space to right click it) then right click the QUICK LAUNCH and uncheck the Show Text option. If that doesnt work then I dont understand your problem and i'll stay out of this one....
  5. mmanson132 May everything bless your brians! :woot: Do you know what you have done for me?! :canadian: You saved a hell of a lot of trouble, I was going to do something similar in Object Bar with Sub-System. But it wasnt going to be customizable...it would only display the recently used apps..... But who gives a fook!! This is way better! :rock: Fook copyright 2004, foxor.....
  6. k I re-read his post and this time I seem to understand this, he wants to make the task swicther area only display the icon of the current apps and not the text. If that is what you want the easiest way is to get TRUELAUCH BAR
  7. This wallpaper I must have. /stops Yoda impression :smartass:
  8. Dude these are for service pack 2...you are using service pack 1 >.
  9. To get a near perfect Panther look you must spend cash. Get the following Object Bar and download This Panther ObjectBar theme by Crini Then purchase Window Blinds to skin windows (best panther skins are for this app Best 1:1 Panther skin for Window Blinds Here Then get Ave Desk and once well configure you have a Panther looking desktop Dont forget about your docks. I recomend Object Dock (only because yz shouldn't be used anymore and object dock has way more updates then Moby Dock And of course to feed your aqua freenzy get Flyakites newst system files And if you got Ser
  10. So freakn sorry guys. I didnt know people would still want it. >. I might might make a newer version when I have time.
  11. What operating System are you running? Then we can go from there.
  12. >.< I ask the same question. I mean it cant be that much work for them. Apple products are the most delictae compared to ibm machines....don'o
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