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  1. */Preview/* Wallpaper in seven versions 2560x1600px size. Enjoy! m_p
  2. mpukacz


    ...Preview... New Year and new wallaper in 2560x1600px size, plus several more options. Enjoy! m_p
  3. ...Preview... The little something for your desk. Wallpaper in 5 version - 2560x1600px size. Enjoy! m_p
  4. Thank you all for great comments. m_p
  5. ...Preview... Wallaper in two version with text and without in 2560x1600px size. Enjoy! P.S If you are on twitter add MiiNii to your contact list www.twitter.com/miinii m_p
  6. I just launched my site, showing off all my goodies. Soon I will release a lot of previews and work . So keep tracking the site! I hope you like the MiiNii release and the look of the site. MiiNii.com - MiiNii releases with Maxii pleasure ! m_p
  7. Three different wallpapers in 2560x1600px sizes. Hope you will like them. m_p
  8. mpukacz


    The wall is without text, in zip file 2 more color options. Stocks from sxc.hu. Hope you will like it. m_p
  9. Dose anyone have wall from Leopard Server ?
  10. Looks like modded Ekisho icon.
  11. Inspired by MS Surface site. Bigger Preview Orginal made for 1600x1200px but other resolutions looks good to, enjoy. Please redawnload added versions without txt. m_p
  12. Simple icon, hope somebody will like it. m_p
  13. -- GuiKit: Perl of Perls Green by Me Wallpaper: OS Abstract by Tricky Icons: Many... -- m_p
  14. Thank you all for comments.
  15. -- GuiKit: Cats Extreme by Susumu Wallpaper: Just Clouds Graphite by Me Icons: Ekisho + Deep Ocean by Jonas Rask, Many icons by Susumu --
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