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  1. Anyone knows where I could get the original ringtones and sms alert sound from iPhone in MP3 format? I would like to use them on my SE W850i Thanx!
  2. I have this stuff: Bowers & Wilkins 602 S3 Yamaha Subwoofer YST SW800 and Denon AVR 1802 The components are a few years old but the sound is awesome with my iMac
  3. I have the 128MB in my iMac and all the games were very smooth (GTA San Andreas, Company Of Heroes, NFS Carbon, NBA Live 2007...), except for Scarface. It was playable though.
  4. Works on my iMac. Maybe it's an issue with the graphic card
  5. My latest desk, with iPulse from MacHeist
  6. If you're using an block element (DIV) you don't need width: 100%. Unless the element is floating or positioned absolute.
  7. Definetly Wallet. Haven't tried many others but it seems the best to me.
  8. I got an 20" iMac a week ago. I wasn't really happy with the speed of the computer so I bougth 2GB of RAM and I have to say it's the best computer I ever worked on. After 10 years on windows I'm reborn And now some screens Screen 1 / Screen 2
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