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  1. d4l3d

    Author is back!

    Actually, post #6 already has a short description and a bmp image. If someone were willing to post that, that should do as much as anything I could have done. As you say, Japanese input would need to be enabled. BTW, thanks for getting involved.
  2. d4l3d

    Author is back!

    Have you actually tried to do this? Without knowing or being able to type Japanese, I can't see a way to get past the blog's "Captcha" security.
  3. d4l3d

    Author is back!

    "There seems to be big problem with the settings window though. A lot of the stuff is cut off, so you can't adjust many of the settings. Anyone know how to fix this?" Does anyone know if Mr. Y is attempting to fix this problem? The more I use the workaround the more annoyed I get.
  4. Gleniator, classy work. Would you have a link to the wallpaper? Thanks, d4l3d
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