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  1. By the way... i tried making an image of a CD burned with XP with Disk Copy and burn from it, but all i was getting were HFS CDs !?! No matter what i did with it... On the other hand, i burned a CD (multisession ticked off) with a few DiVXs for a friend via finder few days ago and it worked on his PC w/WIN98 perfectly.... I hope you didn't get offended by my stupid remark... I was just kidding... Orcinus
  2. Nooo... I think you smell your armpits... 1) Apple isn't "stupid", but they are veeeery untactical at times... Actually, not including Win (ISO 9660) CD burning into their beloved OS can even BE called stupid... After all: a ) It's a widely accepted standard b ) OS X can READ it (so there's no reason to push HFS as the filesystem of choice for CDs) c ) HFS specific features (multiple partitions, forking etc...) aren't REALLY necessary 99% of the time (so, again, no reason for pushing HFS) d ) APPLE STARTED THE BLOODY SWITCH CAMPAIGN FIRST, DIDN'T THEY??? 2) Linux DOE
  3. orcinus


    0.6.0 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.7.0 Specs: [email protected], GF4Ti4400, 512MB, WinXP Pro, 1024x768 (LCD+cleartype) 0.7.0 Seems to work fine but initial magnification (when pointer enters the dock area) is extremely choppy REGARDLESS of quality level chosen... Orcinus PS: 0.7.0's CPU usage is a nice improvement... never ever goes beyond 50%!!! PPS: There's a weird bug in 0.7.0 -> it sometimes draws the running indicator under the CPU monitor docklet -> indicator disappears when you right click the docklet...
  4. Like i said: And i fully agree... Why anyone would want to do that is beyond me... Orcinus
  5. Not my business The man asked, i answered... Some of possible uses (though with a heat damage risk involved) are: + Using a pbook in a presentation + Using a pbook as a desktop comp with an external screen+kb+mouse Orcinus
  6. You mean because of the airflow and cooling? No way... if it's not doing anything (no screensavers etc. running), the CPU goes into cycling mode and stops heating and hard disk spins down... so there is absolutely NO risk of heat damage)... Orcinus
  7. A 15 inch 667MHz Powerbook IS a TiBook... As long as we're talking about a G4 Powerbook and you're sure it's made of titanium Anywho, IT IS NOT possible for a Powerbook to NOT go to stdby after you close the lid, but IT IS possible to WAKE IT UP after you close it! You'll find the info you want here: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=88064 Hope this helps! Orcinus PS: Actually, this "feature" can be very annoying at times... If you keep an USB mouse or kb attached to your Powebook, and have a very messy table, you'll end up waking it up inadvertantly every now an
  8. Me sooooo haaaaapyyyy.... Orcinus PS: Anyone know where to get some Duality skins other than Max Rudberg's?
  9. No need for that and no prob! I just wanted to make things straight... Orcinus
  10. yep! (and i was half-serious) Orcinus
  11. Seems you weren't looking hard enough... Behold my superior web searching voodoo! Muahahahah..cough...kh... er... yeah... anywho... you'll find everything you need here: http://www.zapwizard.com/ide/ Happy modding! Orcinus PS: I had a link to schematics somewhere for a 555 circuit that lit up an animated "icon" made up of x LEDs on IDE activity, but i forgot where i've put it... if i find it, i'll post the link here...
  12. There was once, aloooong time ago, a tiny (few tens of kb) linux app that took a filename, x speed and y speed as parameters and then scrolled smoothly a wallpaper on your root window... Not quite what you're looking for (fading) but it looked really cool with some wallpapers... Can't remember what the app's name was, though... Also, you can swallow (mostly) any screensaver into xwindows root, so if you had something similar to Nostalgic screensaver, you could make it run as a wallpaper and get something similar to what you're aiming at... Unfortunately, i've never found anything as flexible
  13. Erm... hmm... He's using my shutdown orb in his app, an old version of it and without any mention of my name or a proper copyright notice... tsk tsk tsk Orcinus
  14. OGG all the way! Much better quality at same bitrate (at least for 128 - 192). I'd never ever encode a single cd into mp3 if it weren't for my iPod... this way, my collection is split... Can't wait for first usable distro of uClinux for iPod to come out so i can kick the mp3s out of my hard... Orcinus PS: Oh and to answer Contrasutra's surround question, yes, OGG supports true surround and more (standard whitepaper says up to 255 channels per stream, if i remember correctly, but the actual no. of channels depends on player's support)
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