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  1. I was curious if anyone was up to the task or if there was already a widget to view what's on tv. I've seen other widgets from yahoo in the past that did this and I believe used the xml from yahoo tv for the content. Anyways it was a thought I had and just curious what others thought of it.
  2. Snarl Site: http://www.fullphat.net/ Snarl Forums: http://www.k23productions.com/e107_plugins...iewforum.php?23 Yes after some time and many people fearing that development on Snarl has stopped that has been changed. Snarl is being released in updates currently and is worth the check out. In case you do not know what Snarl or even Growl is I'll tell you now. Snarl is a notification system that can be used and applied to nearly every program. This applies to instant messengers, web browsers, media players and really anything that needs to give it's users some form of notification. Curren
  3. I took at Shaim a while ago and I'm glad to hear it's still being worked on.
  4. I've seen some pics online from people who compiled the CVS apparently and from the looks of those pics 2.0 seems like what we have currently just a little bit cleaner. Nothing too drastic. Hopefully when it's actually released there some difference.
  5. Yea I do think that could possibly be easier to do then starting from scratch.
  6. Maybe because Miranda is not that good. Yes it has great skinning and plug-ins but it's still very lacking in features and at times can be buggy. Also I've found that it's not worth the effort when I realize I can't file transer, direct connect, see away messages/icons/profiles/etc. It's annoying and really forces me to stop using it.
  7. abba you should relax a bit. I never once said that crypt was wrong nor did I say that what I suggested was the way to replace what is for adium on the mac. I only gave suggestions but truthfully i have no idea if those suggestions are even possible. It's just discussing the idea that's all. But since it seems everyone is so against it I guess I shall stop discussing this and settle for trillian.
  8. Well are their any substitutes for all that is mac related but on the pc? I mean I don't know much of objective c but I do know java is an object oriented language so I have no idea if that would help. As for the intertwined for mac apps then maybe sacrifices have to be made. I mean on the pc we now have snarl that is like growl and we do have some programs like quicksilver on the pc but not to the same degree of functionality. As for thee extras I guess that would be dependent on the actual code used for the pc version, if there ever were to be one. Anyways I guess a port is asking too much
  9. Well as I've said before my main specialty is graphics but if there is any way I can help programming-wise I'll gladly try.
  10. Maybe we could just build off of what's already on the PC and just modified that for what's wanted? I mean miranda and gaim are open source I wonder if it's possible to use their open source code and modify it enough to achieve an adium like app for windows.
  11. I never said I wasn't willing to learn but like i said I don't know much programming besides actionscript and javascript and minimal java. And believe me if it's not really just the lack of programming knowledge but just the fact I really have no idea where to start. If I did I'd defenitely offer more of my services to help.
  12. I say if it's possible and there is a need, which it seems for both there is, then why can't we go for it? I mean I'm interested to help out in anyway I can, graphics probably best, and I'm sure others are too.
  13. Not to sound like a jerk or something but why should we just be content with what we have? What's so bad about trying to achieve more? I mean if there is a chance for a better solution why not go for it? Trillian is seen as the best today but truthfully it's only really the best if you buy their software. Miranda is a pain in the ass to just get your most basic functions and even then you still don't get the features that we'd all like no matter how much custimization you want. Gaim seems to be the only one of the big three to working to change and improve but even their they have their short
  14. Well I know it is open source so the legal factor isn't really a factor. As for the challenge, sure it is a challenge but I'm willing to go up for it just need the help.
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