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  1. yeah great stuff dobee! Thx
  2. Oh come on! There have to be others experiencing this problem! Please
  3. itunes 7 still has several bugs (on windows)
  4. The System File Updater always tells me, there were no updates
  5. Before you scream: I know similar questions have asked in this forum before (i actually used the search). But i think there only two threads and they were related to the ipod shuffle. Personally i own the ipod nano. I love Flyakite and I want to use it with every single option it has. Sadly I found out that my itunes won't sync with my ipod, when Flyakite is installed - neither manually nore automatically. The symptoms are different. Sometimes I get an error popup informing me the iPod could not be read and not be written to. Sometimes iTunes claims my nano had been synced and I could disconne
  6. Any solution? My iPod nano can't be synced at all, when Flyakite is installed. I think it somehow has to do with the system files. Probably the dlls?
  7. But which one did you use? Can't I just download it, so I don't have to fix anything "manually"?
  8. Great theme Stefanka and great port Asty. I wonder what font the theme uses though. I think, i might not have them anymore Can you give me a hint, because some apps (so far i've found all Mozilla apps and Opera) use the wrong fonts. I think they usually do, if you don't have the font used by the theme.
  9. Any news on this? I really love the theme and would love to see a finalized version.
  10. Thx buddy, but I allready knew that port and I'm really looking for a WB theme
  11. Url has been fixed, though I think anyone with as much brain as a bug, could have guessed the right url
  12. Hi! Few days ago I discovered Flock. It's a new browser based on Firefox (www.flock.com). I love it and the applications theme. Could anyone to a WB Skin based on Flock's theme? This would be awesome!
  13. Thx! But I have to disappoint you. I won't be porting it to other phones. But if anyone is interested in doing so, I'll share my resources. You'd give me credit in the result of course
  14. Hi everybody! I spend the last three nights finishing this. Hope you appreciate that Get the theme at Deviant Art. (click the image)
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