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  1. I think the buttons (top left) will stay colored.
  2. What does carbon cap or carbon notes?
  3. What exactly is carbon notes?
  4. I hope there is a way to speed the effect up. For me it is still too slow. Well even though when leopard is released I will switch to mac.
  5. Better read the thread. Those images are photoshopped.
  6. Well this may be because this thread and the visual style itself is more than 3 years old. Please don't bump those threads.
  7. Never heard about carbon Cap or carbon Mon. Where do I get those apps?
  8. Does anyone know where I can find this wall?Steve used it to present Leopard the first time on Macworld 2006. Thanks
  9. Oh my god. It will be always the same with great developers... They come and then they will go . Was great to have you in our community for a while! You did an awesome job on it! Incredible! Lets hope that there will be someone in near future who will continue developing your app! Bottles
  10. Maybe with xgl. But I am not shure.
  11. Wow this looks quite interesting! I wish someone told me If that'd be possible on windows.
  12. Do you got time to enhance vanimator in features? I'd love to see the sheet effect! http://www.macosxhints.com/images/sheet_before.mov
  13. To describe it in one word: Awesome!
  14. A very merry christmas. Thats all I got to say. Great Wall b.t.w.
  15. Yeah, I hope there will be some screenshots of apples new theme in the net tomorrow!
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