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  1. i've choosen the 20" imac. and yesterday i've found out the new imac will be saled right now. and the 1199$ version has almost the same config like mine, but it's 500$ cheaper than mine. arghh... i want this new imac with this very cool new keyboard : )
  2. in a kind i was thinking the same
  3. take a look here: http://www.askdavetaylor.com/dashboard_wid..._x_desktop.html
  4. okay, i have to specify this. safari shows word-spacing & links in one container incorrect. so one solution i found in the world wide web was this above. in the footer is no link included, so the word-spacing is shown correct there.
  5. are you talking about this here: div#header a { padding: 0 20px 0 0; } ? well, this is cause "safari" shows the "word-spacing" incorrect. otherwise give me a hint! and thank you very much
  6. well, take a look on my site here: patstome.de and tell me what do you think about. maybe you have some suggestions as well. and just for information... be honest but not destructive thx pat # edit: well, have the heart to answer anything...
  7. ask her "how old are you"... and you can see a typical reaction
  8. this looks very cool. good work
  9. well, he's using a mac and any different theme (and please remove the preview of your quote )
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