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  1. can you manage ipods, playlists, and video for the ipod w/ foobar 2000?
  2. Any chance we'll see a multi plugin alternative or some stripped down version of itunes that organizes the same way and supports ipods, etc. without all the fluff and memory hogging?
  3. I'll try the overlay thing. Thanks guys.
  4. I'm trying to take a screenshot with windows media player 11 open. It won't capture any of the video when I hit Print Screen and paste it. I have tried w/ the video acceleration at none and at full. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. Whenever I open iTunes, It begins to take all my CPU processing power, so it slows down my computer, but also prevents iTunes from being usable. When I look in the task manager iTunes typically takes 90%-97% of the CPU Usage. This just happened recently with no changes to my computer. Prior to this error, I've had no issues with iTunes. I'm at a loss though, no luck "googling" the problem. Hope someone can help. Thanks.
  6. go into the device manager and find the wireless card and right click and click on properties. Under one of the tabs there should be a button that says roll back driver. Quicksets is one of the programs that normally starts up w/ dell laptops, or at least it does w/ mine. Look for it in Start>Programs>Accessories>Dell Accessories, or something to that effect.
  7. I had the same problem on my latitude D610. I just rolled back to the original driver and everything went back to normal. I also made sure I had the dell quicksets turned on. Hope that helps.
  8. Is there anything like Compact Menu for firefox 2.0?
  9. Lately when I go to the iTunes store, i've been ending up at the japanese store i think. Either way I'm having trouble finding the music I'm looking for. If anyone knows how to fix this let me know
  10. Thanks, but those are both blocked. I think anything from that domain will be blocked.
  11. Can anyone send me a direct link to or the actual ieview.dll file. I'd get it straight from miranda's website, but my proxy blocks it. Thanks in advance and sorry if I posted this in the wrong spot.
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