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  1. This is a great revelation. Congratulations and look forward to newer improvements and even some surprises in YZ Dock. I like them all, but YZ Dock seemed to lead the revolution back when so this is great news indeed. [REQUEST] Please make the much appealed for weather docklet to work and switch icons as the conditions change and i do hope theres a reliable access point to draw from for weather info that stays up all the time. MIRROR
  2. WoW! If this is impossible would be common courtesy to at least just say so. Anyone any ideas if this is possible at all please share your experience. MIRROR UNBELIEVER (banned)
  3. Why does it take a lifetime to fashion these really useful additions? Anyway, very happy to see someone was creative enough to step up and make this, very nice enhancement. Thanks
  4. Keep up the excellent effort Ksoft This one is a real winner, all credit due you my friend.
  5. Nice One Indeed! Because of this tutorial site i gone back to my old habits of ResHacking system files again. The key is IDENTIFICATION, so many shouts out with thanks to those who made that effort to fish thru all XP's files + resources. Top Notch Tut. We definitely need more of these TWEAKS! AQUA-SOFT RULES!!! Well, when did they not? Hey UNBELIEVER, you still alive or what buddy?
  6. I want to add my own Bubble to the circle, not a powder blue one but a Transparent one. Plz ask him what the trick is to accomplishing that. FANATASTIC and useful app btw. Very ingenious effort. LoL
  7. Any ideas yet? It's been awhile since i first opened this inquiry.
  8. Bump Please............ It's either possible or not. Can anyone with knowledge offer at least something to try? MIRROR XP pro
  9. Is there an easy mod to add a bitmap background to the Control Panel & My Computer in XP? just like you can for nearly every folder? I looked for some solution and just can't come up with any yet?
  10. Thankss KemenAran. and i might add it's great to see you keeping your calender full these days even if it doesn't have an iColorfolder appointment (To-Do) yet. Just remember, this is still a Magnificient app and is held up great over the years and continues to. Thanks plenty for all the effort you put into it and when you get some free time if ever, leave it up to your imagination + skills how you'll release the next version because there will be plenty of satisfied users waiting. Regards MIRROR
  11. Theres nothing wrong with Styler IMO, i use it and it don't pull on the system. I only have 512Mb. You can dress things up as you like. No it's not a WindowsBlinds but it can fashion things pretty nice.
  12. I don't use anything .NET, way too many extra files that microsoft should never had dumped on us in the first palce. Theres far better methods of devising great apps without it.
  13. The only feature that interest me is getting $M system to turn loose it's sticky default icon positions. Anything else is a bonus!!!!
  14. It's a shame theres been no mention of any updates as well as this thread is been gathering dust like it has but i still see this iColorFolder as a great enhancement as well as a beneficial visual aid for the somewhat seeing impaired. Now if only the developer could devise some way to change icons individual SIZES too but then that's likely a hard coded mechanism implanted by microsoft because if you increase the size of one then ALL the others follow suit.
  15. LeVeL Is there any way to also impliment changing the background by using an image? I never seen where you could do that on My Computer window. Absolutely Great App!!!! Many Thanks
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