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  1. Or just use a hex editor on the new uxtheme.dll, search for the hex string 81 EC 88 00 00 00 A1 18 and replace it with 33 F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 00
  2. can anyone put this into the correct application skin forum? I've just installed Thunderbird to test it again (last time was 0.8 or so) and knew I saw this skin somewhere here but couldn't find it right away
  3. sad (but otherwise your skin looks great, good work)
  4. Very nice! The only thing I'm missing is a feedback for turning the sound back on.
  5. The reason why you can't just name it niqu.xpi is because explorer is probably not set to show extensions. So either set Explorer to do this in the folderoptions or just drag the jar to the themes window of firefox. BUT beware themes for Firefox pre2.0 often have problems once applied with the add-ons and preferences window. Took me a bit of work to get the synergy skin to work somewhat correctly.
  6. I've used Trillian from way before they took money for it. Now I don't use it anymore, mostly because the thing no longer supports (to me) necessary IRC features.
  7. hi, does anyone know what to edit in the jar files to have the addons listing have changing background colors for each listing, so the first on the list has a light blue background, the next one white, then light blue again, white.... http://img187.imageshack.us/my.php?image=addonsxt2.jpg
  8. Netlimiter is also showing a questionmark. Anything you need to get behind those questionmark apps? Great tool so far, I like it a lot and have been waiting for something like that for ages. Thanks a lot!
  9. are you running Winamp 2.x or 5.x? It probably is designed for 2.x and not for 5.x
  10. LOLx2! Wasn't that what he said? (since the functionality of object dock/yz dock compatibility and effects already exists and aren't new features)
  11. then download stylebuilder and do it with that one. Otherwise it is probably impossible to do.
  12. trillian astra? I probably missed something, since the botched irc support in 3.x made me switch to miranda And yes, a docklet would be nice, but they really seem to die out.
  13. Very nice style. Only got two problems with it. - I don't like Spotlight place holders (and I wish not everyone would add this waste of taskbar space) - With firefox and Sage there is a small problem when there are more news than the tab can hold. See the screenshot, really am at loss for the correct words to describe that
  14. This docklet doesn't work with RKLauncher. I *think* it is mentioned in the docklet bugs thread
  15. iTunes with mplugin crashes for me when updating the photos on my iPod (that was with 6.02 and my "Dr.Mingw" debugger reported that it crashes in mplugin.dll) Uninstalled mplugin and it worked fine.
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