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  1. AMD has been suffering ever since Intel redeemed themselves with their Core architecture processors, they overclock great (you can reach 4Ghz easily on a e8400), low temps, low voltage, and great value in terms of price. Not to take anything away from AMD their still a great cpu manufacturing company who consistently is still developing quality processors and selling them at a much lower price then its competitor, but if you want the best of the best you have to go with Intel, don't take my word for it just look at the many benchmarks. Also Phenom did not live up to its expectations.
  2. Puner mind sending me that wallpaper? PM me the link if you can.
  3. Firefox and IE are the two most used browsers for pc owners, Safari is closing in with about 5% of all users which isn't bad considering it came out just last year, still has ways to go.
  4. That's the thing I don't want to install safari on my pc, it would be more convenient if somebody sent me that font....please
  5. Anybody know the name of the font safari uses? I'm not satisfied with the windows version of safari as of yet plus I'm quite comfortable with using firefox, I just want to use it's font, I'd appreciate it if anyone can send the font to my email at [email protected]
  6. Man what a waste of money lol just kidding, I guess if you have money to spare like that.
  7. Anyone know if or when this theme will be compatible with FF 2.0?
  8. Good timing I was planning on upgrading my first gen nano for another iPod, I think I'll wait up for the new ones.
  9. Makes sense but I don't think Apple will ever outsell PC, just being realistic here. Still their laptops and desktops are selling fairly well, their stocks is high, so whats with the hold up. If they dropped their price by a fair amount theres no question in my mind that sales would double. But knowing Apple they'll continue to sell their products at high prices because they know Apple fanatics and tech illiterate people will continue to buy em.
  10. its all up to a persons preference, personally i think mac's are expensive and quite overrated. i'm a fan of apple and what they do or else i wouldn't be here but the fact of the matter is they make inferior systems (spec wise not quality) and charge you double for it, wheres the logic in that? they could've atleast put in a graphics card thats valued at more then $100 on their imac's especially for what apples selling them for. i'm better off installing osx on a much faster setup like a 320mb 8800gts, E6750 1333fsb, nforce 6 sli mobo, 2gb ddr800, 20" monitor with 3ms response time etc and all this will actually cost about the same as the 2.4ghz 20" model.
  11. i don't think i like this new color scheme idea, it looks like the children series. jdx6, now thats something I and the rest of America would buy, its got that iPhone look to it.
  12. thanks man i appreciate all your hard work.
  13. thats tight man ill download it right now, its nice to know that theres others out there who prefer diet over regular.
  14. thats how the skin is man unless you can change it via chrome, if there is a code to do that then i'd like to know as well.
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