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  1. As always, very simple.....
  2. Pretty much just a clean shot...
  3. Just had to try stefanka's latest... Theme: Aqua Inspirat by stefanka WP: Graphite (from Aqua Pack) by pAntoni Icons: Jonas & susumu
  4. Theme: UNO Wallpaper: underwater by manicho Icons: mostly Jonas & susumu
  5. Kind of a lame shot, but oh well.. Theme: Vitae by improvpastence Wallpaper: Juxtaposition by Louie Mantia
  6. QFT... Not the sexiest looking, but they are great for music, IMO. I've had mine for over 2 years
  7. Wow, lovely... If you have time to make a 1920x1200 version I will definitely use it!!
  8. GuiKit: Truth by susumu Desktop: Vertical by Capital18 (desaturated) Icons: Jonas; Anubis; susumu; Lou; iiro
  9. Ehh, I know, the preview is crappy... GuiKit: Myre Beta Destop Pic: Aquadrome by ve1n (color-shifted) Icons: Jonas, susumu, Bartelme, iiro, etc.
  10. Really nice gnome..thank you!
  11. Mac Book Pro: 15.4", 1440x900 Ext. Monitor: 24", 1920x1200
  12. I very recently switched to Mac, and I still miss Avedesk... Thanks for all the hard work Ave...enjoy your life, no matter what you decide to do w/ this particular project.
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