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  1. It is a "skin" like a sticker. For example: HP Tattoo - but it made out of metal instead of paper. Looks really tight, Love the "Gray" and "Silver" <3
  2. Nice! Where did you get that frikin awsome wall?
  3. Including "liquidplasmaflow" (jus kidding) back to the topic: Here is mp3 version Bugatti
  4. Nice shot! what is 4th icon from the right? (black background with red and blue color:D) Thanks
  5. because you connect your ipod to the new computer so ur ipod formats itself automatically (prevent somebody steals ur ipod and steals ur musics as well ) which cannot recover. Sorry!>_< T_T
  6. iKea i always like iKea , kinda cheap and good design - i think >_
  7. There i a lots of this kind of question in this forum. Try to search to come up with the answer Good Luck.
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