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  1. Never seem to stick that long to a dark setup - here's my switch to a light one, going with the Nature trend Desktop : Perched up High - Icons : Agua (32x32 and 16x16 are personal Mods) - SideNote (personal Aqua mod)
  2. Probably my first time using a photograph as background = Tribute to ether.
  3. Thanks for showing interest, leossauro. Please check your PM
  4. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got it from - so I can't link you to the artist or any website. Check your PM
  5. Really great work on the widget in the bottom right corner ! Can you tell me which one it is ? TIA
  6. 1984 UNO - mandolux - CATS2 (mod) - CalcUno (me)
  7. Hirogen's own Hirogen's updates of my themes
  8. Thanks for the comment, d-lab. The HD icons are my own, roughly based on the macOSX Internal Drive icon. Drop me a PM and I'll send them your way ;-)
  9. Very nice icons on drives and folders - where can I find those please ? TIA
  10. Thanks for the nice comment, Duyvan. I uninstalled APE a while back (speed issues), and immediately installed UNO to smoothen default Aqua. Furthermore, I had the privilige to contribute some to the latest release. Works for me
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