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  1. ^^ lol may aswell provide links to them e.g deviant art, wincustomize etc
  2. if only i could work with dark themes :slant:
  3. very nice, might have to use sometime
  4. using it now, awesome.
  5. I love this wall, are you willing to share dude? ^^^^^^^
  6. i need that visual style, mac style is boring me ^^
  7. arite not to worry, i dont see why people would go to the effort of ripping just to get slaughtered by everyone for doing so? :confused: lets sit back and wait like we should do.
  8. Ok not sure what the deal is with this, or if i'm actually allowed to post it for that matter but ill give it a shot. Just was browsing DA and found Samui Visual Style. I was told by a friend on Msn it's a rip but none the less thought id find out for sure anyway ---------------------- The Link Has Been Removed // Seph
  9. man, if only it made me lunch aswell we need a windows port of this.
  10. just whipped up a quick dock icon. Nothing great but i havent come accross one yet.
  11. apologies on not tagging will take note for the future
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