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  1. GET PERMISSION WHEN YOU COME BACK Suspended for three days due to past history, flamebits, etc. If you do, in fact, get permission to release this, PM a moderator and we'll try this again.
  2. Use @import url("chrome://global/skin/subskin/systemmenus.css");
  3. slyydrr http://www.sendspace.com/file/kbbc5s
  4. Mac_Win http://www.deviantart.com/view/20163885/
  5. Ridatsu Edition -=Download=- With permission bz..
  6. LINK REMOVED. If you're going to "port" something follow this short list: 1. Make sure you get permission from the original author 2. Make sure you do all the work instead of butchering other people's theme 3. Lookup word "moral" in the dictionary ____________________________________________ /Post edited Unbeliever
  7. Ready WB Samui, i only wait permission..)) Plz wait 1-2 days..
  8. //Link Removed. Ask permission first. -NC
  9. duyvan82 No-o, i just speek this theme not good.. _cell Really..Post release Samui for firefox, i be working to Samui for ieview it be real kawai:) big sor i do not good speek eng..
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