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  1. I've got invites now if anyone needs! Thanks to DJ DJ!
  2. i would love an invite if you've got one! tha.wizza [at] gmail [dot] com i'm so jonesing for this!
  3. check this link: http://virtualplastic.net/html/icn_desk.html#views its under "apply different views" subcategory
  4. u can set up thunderbird to work like that. u just have to enter all the gmail server settings & u can get all ur mail thru thunderbird & then set that to be ur default client. well, just a suggestion!
  5. one of the most aesthetically pleasing sets i have seen so far
  6. i would love to use either of these themes [safire or safire milk] but does anyone know why this [see attached] happens? im sure its just some setting i have to adjust but i have to admit im not the greatest at doing this stuff sorry! im using the safire milk theme in this shot but the same exact thing happens with safire. the tabs seem to be a bit smushed & the ends of the search bar are off center [?] i guess and the dot in between the address & search bar is all crazy too. its firefox 1.0.6
  7. just go to winmatrix & search the boards. one of the users has attached the file to a post.
  8. if i'm understanding u correctly, there's a program called shove-it which helps to fix exactly that problem. u can set it to sort of "shove" any window, menu, whatever off of ur taskbar & some other areas i believe. if ur interested let me know & i can give u more info.
  9. Is anyone running widgetdock with an iTunes widget? I know this sounds weird, but I had the same problem a couple of times & I had to totally delete the widget out of widgetdock, delete the widgetdock itself, and then uninstall & reinstall both iTunes & multi-plugin and then everything seemed to work. I hadnt installed or updated any Stardock programs either so I know that wasnt the problem for me. System restore didnt work either. I dont know if theres a reason for why this worked for me or if this is just crazy talk but I just thought I'd share.
  10. i think you should try checking out a site called Virtual Plastic: http://www.virtualplastic.net/ they have a whole section on customizing, tweaking & hacking your right-click menu, among many other things. might be worth a try.
  11. There's also a program called "ShellNewAre" which lists all the files on your right-click menu & lets you choose which ones you want to get rid of. I don't think the website for that program works but I have the file if you'd like me to send it to you.
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